My name is Navneet Kaushal. I had this domain name registered for long and finally decided to launch it as a blog where I can share my unofficial views, posts and rants which I normally can’t on our company blog’s :)
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clickzIt is safe to say that most if not all-content marketers know that they need to create fresh content regularly to succeed in online marketing. As a result, it’s not a surprise to find most of these professionals maintaining a blog, posting articles on various submission sites, and managing multiple Continue reading>>

webdevelopernewsWhether you are a novice or an expert webmaster, you always have something new to learn from Google’s resources. With an aim to guide beginners in the basics of creating a website, Google launched the Webmasters Academy two years back and has now expanded it to introduce a series of Continue reading>>

clickstodayAn year after the launch of Dynamic Remarketing campaign, which allowed creating customized ads to reconnect with customers, Google today announced deeper remarketing integration between AdWords and Google Analytics.

Google confirmed in a blog post that it is integrating the Dynamic Remarketing Display Campaigns with Google Analytics. According to the Continue reading>>

Matt Cutts on How to Remove Your Unnatural Link Penalty!

devwebprocaIt is not very often that you get a one-on-one advice from Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Search Spam, as a response to a tweet? How frequently does Google listen to your problem and gives you a bonus by getting it solved within minutes? Hard to believe that a single Continue reading>>

Google to Launch New Search Results Page Layout Soon!

searchnewz-logoGoogle is exploring new ideas to make the search page layout look more simple and easily accessible to its users. As a part of the trial method, this time the search engine is introducing a myriad of changes to the search results page. No doubt, the modifications will make Google Continue reading>>

How to Do Google Plus SEO?

B2C-logoSEO Strategies that Work for Google Plus

Google Plus is more than just a social networking site. It can be a way to boost your business and traffic to the website. Most of the Internet marketers are using social networking platform as the way to share information, get attention, reach Continue reading>>

antispamnewsThere is no average day in the life of a spam fighter because new is thrown at them all the time, says Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Spam. In a recently launched Webmaster Help Video which is interestingly long and engrossing, Cutts replies on what it’s like to fight Continue reading>>

You Should Start Embedding EXIF Data In Your Images!

devwebpro-co-ukSo the next time you take a picture, you can consider embedding shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO number, white balance, resolution and other EXIF annotations in your image. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Spam, says that the search engine reserves the right to use this information as a potential Continue reading>>

Content marketing moving beyond facebook updates

Social Media for SEO in 2014