My name is Navneet Kaushal. I had this domain name registered for long and finally decided to launch it as a blog where I can share my unofficial views, posts and rants which I normally can’t on our company blog’s 🙂

How to Optimize Google My Business


Most businesses will get many of their clients from people who live within the area that they provide their services. Being able to let people within your area know that you provide a particular service or product they are interested in would be a major plus for your business. This Continue reading>>

How to Perform an SEO Audit of Your Website?


Every website owner needs to be concerned about the visibility of their site. A website audit needs to be run on a regular basis. Website audits will make you aware of problems that need to be fixed on the website. It will also ensure that you are not penalized by Continue reading>>


Voice search has become ubiquitous recently, and the interest in it keeps rising. Google home assistants and Amazon Echo sell like hotcakes, with the buyers hoping to incorporate smart technology that artificial intelligence enabled in their homes.

Even as voice search is taking over our homes, businesses are also feeling Continue reading>>

10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO!


When we think of content, we automatically equate it with writing. However, it is more than just that.

In fact, it is way more than just writing and posting them on your website. Content marketing is a vast field that, like any other areas of digital marketing, needs dedication and Continue reading>>

How This Company is Helping Others Ride the Digital Wave!


When Navneet Kaushal started his digital search marketing company PageTraffic in 2002, there were not many people who understood what SEO or social media marketing meant. But today, the company is one of the biggest digital search marketing start-ups that have touched global territories. Having served across 36 countries, PageTraffic Continue reading>>


When I first started doing SEO it seemed like a piece of cake to me. In 2018, boy, how wrong I was. This job can drive you crazy, sometimes. Literally.

You have to do stuff like:

  • Analyzing a ton of competitors links
  • Finding the right keywords for the content
  • Finding
  • Continue reading>>


Ovid, the Roman poet, once said – ‘A horse never goes so quick as when he has other horses to reach and overtake.’

It is now truer than ever as the competition is at its peaks online. To take the right action for fair and better competition against your rivals, Continue reading>>

Migrating From HTTP to HTTPS – A Complete Guide


Come July 2018 Chrome will be marking HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) sites as ‘not secure’ according to the announcement made by Google at the beginning of the year. This is a move that Firefox already executed in 2017, and it has not worked well with small business owners who still Continue reading>>

templatetoaster WordPress is SEO-friendly and no wonder over 25% websites run on this platform (most popular sites include Wired, Time, Lifehack among others).

If you are a WordPress website owner, we know it is important to you that your site ranks among the best in the search engines. Not just Google, Continue reading>>