9 Leading SEO Trends To Keep Eye On In The New Year

thenextscoopAs you well know, the rules of SEO are ever evolving as a mutating virus. Old tactics won’t cut it anymore. As you work on ranking on top in 2018, here are 9 leading SEO trends that will definitely set you on your way to becoming a trending name on the web.

1. Rich Snippet Will Need Careful Structuring

As SEO best practices evolve, a very unlikely ranking hack is emerging.

Yes, snippets, but not just any snippets. Rich Snippets. Perhaps before we go further, some quick definitions are in order.
A snippet is the result search engines show on the results page for a query made. Here’s an example:

A rich snippet shows more information, helping the user to select the more relevant result. Take a look below:

  • Notice how this snippet has more information: an image, rating, cooking time and a number of calories in the pie.
  • Rich snippets don’t directly affect rankings per se. Rather, due to the extra information they provide, they increase the click-through rate. An increase in click-through rate means an increase in traffic and hence ranking.

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Navneet Kaushal

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