Earning Audience Engagement with the Element of Surprise

linkedinlogoThe resounding theme of Sunday’s Super Bowl? Surprise. And we’re not just talking about the game itself, in which Nick Foles and the underdog Eagles toppled Tom Brady’s dynastic Patriots. There were plenty of other bold and unexpected treats in store for the global spectacle’s millions of viewers.

From Justin Timberlake’s halftime duet with a giant projection of Prince to Netflix’s out-of-nowhere launch of a new Cloverfield movie, the evening was full of audacious choices.

Those two moments in particular seem reflective of trends within the world of marketing, where there’s a growing focus on thinking outside the box to break through and earn attention.

JT’s performance was a chaotic frenzy, as he somehow packed 10 songs into 13 minutes while switching settings constantly. Adhering to the principles of modern marketing, he provided his content for free in hopes of realizing profit with a coinciding boost for his new album — and it worked, as Timberlake’s sales soared by 534%.

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Navneet Kaushal

CEO at PageTraffic, India's leading digital search marketing company.

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