How to Conduct a Worthy Competitor Analysis for SEO and Beyond

b2c_wpIf you decided to promote your website online via search engine optimization and sell products or services to clients, first you need to conduct a profound research. It is clear that when it comes to SEO, every niche and every business has competitors. In order to build a sound SEO strategy that will help your site reach the top, you need to have a detailed information about the situation on the market and in your niche. To succeed in creating the strategy, a deep and worthy competitors’ research is a must. The algorithm of your actions should be the following:

Keywords and Semantic Kernel

First of all, you need to gather all relevant keywords. This process is called a creation of a semantic kernel. To start creating the semantic kernel for your website, you need to collect all the key requests from google, but only those which are somehow related to your niche/business. To do it, you may use Google Keyword Planner (it is free ) or it is better to use more professional tool Ahrefs however, it is paid.

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