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How This Company is Helping Others Ride the Digital Wave!


When Navneet Kaushal started his digital search marketing company PageTraffic in 2002, there were not many people who understood what SEO or social media marketing meant. But today, the company is one of the biggest digital search marketing start-ups that have touched global territories. Having served across 36 countries, PageTraffic Continue reading>>

PageTraffic’s CEO Speaks On Content Marketing At DV!

therodinhoodsContent is undoubtedly, the king of for any digital marketing campaign. It is crucial to have a good knowledge base on what content marketing is all about. Wish to leverage upon content marketing to attain success in terms of SEO rankings in the year 2015? Get to know about how Continue reading>>

Pagetraffic: India’s Most Respected Search Marketing Agency

Marketing outlookDigital Marketing has finally arrived in India and marketing leaders are making sure that they are not left behind. However, i think it’s necessary for marketing to understand that digital marketing is not only about sales, it is rather an asset. No digital marketing campaign can generate immediate ROI however, Continue reading>>

digitalvidyaNavneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, a top ranked Digital Search Marketing Company founded in 2002. He also works as an advisor and consultant with many large companies. Navneet is a trusted authority in the search engine marketing industry. He helps value-conscious businesses build site traffic, increase the user base, and Continue reading>>

Social Media for SEO

42inception-logo-betaLoaded with information and some interesting facts, Navneet Kaushal seemed to engage the interest of the attendees from the very beginning of the Webinar. This Webinar was quite insightful and introduced viewers to some of the best practices for social media optimization and how to optimize its impact towards improving Continue reading>>

Interview With Navneet Kaushal CEO PageTraffic

promotionworld-logoIn an exclusive interview, PageTraffic CEO Navneet Kaushal shares his decade of experience in running a successful digital marketing company, rare insights and thoughts about the industry’s future.

What distinguishes PageTraffic from the other companies in the industry, and what keeps you ahead of the competition? What are PageTraffic’s major Continue reading>>

Interview with Navneet Kaushal, CEO of

blogtrepreneur-logoIn 1999 while finishing his MBA, Navneet Kaushal started a company on the side and managed to make his first million in the next two years. In 2002, Navneet founded PageTraffic, an internet marketing company that has since grown to an 80-person firm managing over 250 projects.

In 2011the firm Continue reading>>

adgully_black_logoNavneet is a trusted authority in the search engine marketing industry. He helps value-conscious businesses build site traffic, increase the user base, and boost web sales and bolster customer satisfaction. Under his guidance, PageTraffic has become one of the foremost companies specialising in SEO, PPC, SMO and Web Development and Continue reading>>

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1. Please provide us with your biography.

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, a premier search engine company known for its assured SEO service, pay per click, link building and full time SEO professionals.

Navneet has wide experience in natural search engine optimization, internet marketing and PPC Continue reading>>

A meritocratic system allows new sites to overthrow old ones

Bangalore: So, what makes a website popular—a headstart, bells and whistles, or talent and novelty?

Live MintThe evolving Internet has been traditionally conservative in spotting talent, showing a preference for experience, which has led to the rich-gets-richer syndrome among websites, but a new study shows that upstart new websites regularly oust Continue reading>>