Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Over the years, SEO has evolved and become much more sophisticated, but you cannot deny that there are still some common mistakes most newcomers and even some veterans continue to commit. It’s better to return to the start and have a look at the tactics you have been employing so Continue reading>>

Top 7 Apps to Keep Your Instagram Marketing Topped Up!

tweakyourbizWith over 300 million users worldwide and 86% of top brands out there, Instagram is a hot place to market your business. Instagram focuses on visual marketing, which makes storytelling easier for brands and bloggers. If you are already on the platform, here are some of the must-have tools to Continue reading>>

How To Master SEO In 2016!

forbesSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a fluid technology. The tips and tricks (white, gray, or black hat) that you used last year might not work as well (or at all) this year. If you’re stuck with the “same old same old” with regards to your SEO tactics, it might be Continue reading>>

B2C-logoWith over 2 million blog posts published each day, it has become a tough game for bloggers to stay popular. Turning organic visitors into returning readers isn’t an easy game.

The key to getting consistent traffic, raving fans and convertible leads now rests upon one single factor that is, providing Continue reading>>

bwcioHow large enterprises leverage SEO to help their online presence grow?

SEO is a significant asset for any enterprise business. Unlike SMEs, large enterprises are leveraging it for brand recognition, better user experience, aligning KPIs to organization’s goals. SEOs have a large influence on customer purchase journey through search engines. Continue reading>>

ShoutMeLoudGoogle definitely wasn’t the first search engine that surfaced the Internet. But Google did things in a better way and provided results that were actually useful. Google hasn’t stopped expanding as a company since that very day.

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clickzHere’s how you can effectively use Group Boards on Pinterest and leverage the social platform as a marketing channel, to increase engagement and drive traffic to brands’ websites.

Pinterest is a social networking site driven by visuals. With nearly 100 million users, more than 14 million articles are pinned every Continue reading>>

Demystifying Conversion Rate Optimization!

Do you have trouble getting your website visitors to perform the action you want?

If so, you’re not alone.

Research has shown that many businesses are only able to convert just about 4% of the total number of people that visit their sites.

But, here’s the good news:

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socialmediatodaySocial media is not just about sharing text updates, links, and photo memes. Video continues to become increasingly more popular, as evidenced by the fast rise in live streaming platforms like Periscope and Blab. If you are interested in incorporating video into your social media strategy, here are the ways Continue reading>>

5 Online Freemium Tools for Start-Ups and Agencies!

clickzFreemium tools are the basics needed to get things going for free – here are five to help start-ups on their way.

Do you want tools that will grow as your business does? If so, freemium is the way to go. Freemium tools allow start-ups to use the basics needed Continue reading>>