SEO Competitive Analysis – What is it and How to Go About it?


Ovid, the Roman poet, once said – ‘A horse never goes so quick as when he has other horses to reach and overtake.’

It is now truer than ever as the competition is at its peaks online. To take the right action for fair and better competition against your rivals, you must carry out a competitive analysis as part of your SEO strategy. By carrying out this analysis, you will know the route to follow by identifying your past, current position, and where you want to be. This will happen when you improve on your weaknesses and employ strategic tools and ideas to beat your competition. You must, however, know what an SEO competitive analysis is in the first place before you employ it.

What is Competitive Analysis?

In simple terms, this is a process of analyzing other websites that have better rankings in the search engines. These sites should be offering products and services like yours. With this knowledge you then take the SEO strengths you find and use them to optimize your site. You will also include strategies they lack to gain better visibility.

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Navneet Kaushal

CEO at PageTraffic, India's leading digital search marketing company.

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