tweakyourbizEffective content marketing has to cost some money, right? You always end up needing the advanced features on a marketing tool, or help creating your visual content, or some other task that costs money.

There’s no denying even a small budget can go a long way to scale your strategy. Continue reading>>

Definitive SEO Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

b2c_wpAs long as search engines exist, SEO isn’t going away. Sure, with advances in technology, best practices have changed over the years, but some are still unaffected.

So where should you focus your SEO efforts on in 2018?

Well, we all know that Google has over 200 ranking factors, but Continue reading>>

Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018

b2c_wpToday, we’re going to cover the Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the upcoming 2018.

Some of them might be things that you, too, have expected. And some of them might be unexpected for you.

In any way, make sure you take advantage of each (or at least some) of Continue reading>>

b2c_wpIf you decided to promote your website online via search engine optimization and sell products or services to clients, first you need to conduct a profound research. It is clear that when it comes to SEO, every niche and every business has competitors. In order to build a sound SEO Continue reading>>

Meet The Real Search Engine Optimizer

entrepreneur_wpBack in 2000, Navneet Kaushal, straight out of college, got fascinated by how websites’ traffic flow on the Internet. His fascination made him among the pioneers in search engine optimization (SEO) space in India. 15 years later after he launched PageTraffic, Kaushal is quite an authority in SEO business and Continue reading>>

linkody_wp In my experience, if you have a small team, focus on a particular vertical/niche. Else, built niche specialists in your agency and work on a broader spectrum. With content marketing being the center of the all things digital, it makes more sense to have niche specialists as this helps in Continue reading>>