Voice Search: Why You Need To Listen To Google On This One!

b2c_wpA decade ago, voice activated devices were just a figment of some wild scientist’s imagination.
But in the world of technology, anything can happen in 10 years. And it did.
Voice recognition systems, voice activated devices, and virtual assistants have revolutionized the world.
This is why your business should not get left out. No, not in developing voice technology, but in being discovered by means of voice technology.
I’m talking about voice search.

Voice search is a way of searching or browsing the internet by giving a voice command instead of typing in a query. This function can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, though it is more popular on mobile.

In its infancy stage, voice search was quite unpopular due to the fact that it got many words wrong (word error rate was high), leading to user frustration. Fast forward a few years and the word error rate is so low voice recognition software is close to flawless. This means Siri, Bixby, Cortana, or whatever assistant you use now understand you perfectly and will give you the exact information you require.

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