Adsterra Review: Simplest Way to Earn Money Via Your Site

Adsterra is a great tool for advertisers who want to find success with their campaigns. Read my in-depth Adsterra review and learn how to create a winning campaign on this advertising network.

Adsterra is a new, dynamic ad network that has been carefully calibrated to operate in tandem with the most recent affiliate offers. It is sleek, simple to use, and the ideal tool to connect with an active audience that converts ferociously to all kinds of offers.

In this Adsterra review, we will examine how the platform grew to be the success it is now, as well as provide a quick rundown of the most important facts and data. We will also demonstrate in detail how you may utilize Adsterra to achieve success with the ad network. Adsterra typically does not require you to have a million website visitors to start working with it, although you need significant traffic to start making money. Opting for SEO Services from a trusted company could be a great idea if you are looking to increase organic website traffic.

If you cannot afford external services at the moment, utilize this content marketing checklist to make your content more appealing for the audience and search engines.

Since its launch in 2013, Adsterra has experienced rapid growth as a result of its distinctive approach to ad formats and emphasis on high-quality customer support. It has developed into one of the best online ad networks with the quickest rate of growth.

What is Adsterra?

Adsterra ad network

Adsterra is a well-known ad network that serves more than 30 billion ad impressions every month globally. It is widely recognised for its Partner Care strategy. There are over 20,000 direct publishers and more than 12,000 brands, affiliates, media companies, and ad networks operating in both major and niche verticals with Adsterra. Advertisers have the option of using a personal manager or a user-friendly self-serve platform with automatic onboarding and live chat support.

With its simple-to-use smart traffic solutions and the best staff in the business, Adsterra helps advertisers fulfill their goals and increase return on investment while publishers obtain the highest possible effective cost per mile.

Major Advantages of Using Adsterra For Publishers

As Adsterra is a fairly new network for many, its growth is majorly fueled by word of mouth and online marketing. The platform comes with a range of advantages that make it ideal for different categories of users. Here are a few major advantages of Adsterra for publishers:

  • Expert platform for pop-under advertising
  • Round-the-clock for any queries or problems you may face
  • Attractive referral program that pays a handsome commission of up to 5%
  • Multi-lingual assistance available in several languages
  • Payments are made every two weeks
  • You can choose from a variety of payment methods
  • Adsterra provides advertisements for PCs and mobile phones
  • Lucrative advertising techniques to make clicks happen
  • Pick from a vast selection of ad types and formats already present on Adsterra
  • As a growing business, Adsterra keeps updating its network and technology

Types of Ad Formats in Adsterra

 Ad Formats in Adsterra

Publishers can choose from a selection of ad formats on the Adsterra platform. For them to employ, Adsterra offers a variety of ad styles that their target audience can see. This includes everything from traditional display banners to upcoming non-intrusive pop-unders.

You can choose from a variety of ad formats in Adsterra, such as:

Ad Videos (VAST)

A brief video can be used as an advertisement that appears before the main page or as a pop-up on the target page. AdSterra either hosts your videos utilizing a WordPress video plugin player like Fluid Player or leverages your VAST/VPAID tags.

Native Ads

Natives are editorially produced branded material. Like in several cases, local ads are displayed as banners with content from affiliated websites. These ads have the ability to capture the attention of your target audience without requesting additional time from them. As the ad is non-intrusive, the user generally does not close it and often clicks on it after reading the copy.

Social Club

Adsterra successfully introduced the Social Bar in 2020. It enables visitors to interact naturally with publisher websites. This is a cutting-edge, contemporary ad format that outperforms other formats in terms of conversion and interaction rates. Even those who typically do not interact with ads can click on the Social Bar due to its non-intrusive design. This design looks good on both desktop and mobile devices and ought to work well on platforms of all sizes.


Adsterra does an excellent job showcasing their pop-unders. The pop-under can be customized by the publisher, including the size of the window and the location on the screen where it appears. To determine what will work best for your advertising campaign, you can experiment with this.

Partner Care Approach of Adsterra

Adsterra is famous for its client-focused methodology. The company’s distinctive ‘Adsterra’s Partner Care Approach’ course is completed by all Adsterra managers. They think that engaging in long-term relationships with clients is important since they see them as equal partners. They are also prepared to discuss creatives that have proven successful in your vertical and are trained to assist you in any way they can.

Adsterra Partner Care Approach

Here are a few ways in which Adsterra implements its Partner Care Approach:

Self-Service Platform

It provides a self-service platform with automatic onboarding that is simple to use. Even the most naive users who have zero to very little experience running ads on any platform can quickly learn to use Adsterra effectively. Moreover, a self service platform also helps users manage their accounts all by themselves, reducing brand coordination time and improving platform experience.

Qualified Assistance

In case someone is facing difficulty running the ads or managing the platform themselves, they can always take help of a personal manager through the Adsterra platform. While the self service model is a boon  in itself, there is no doubt that many website owners could still need assistance from an executive. Adsterra has performed extremely well in this regard with their publisher friendly policies and quick response.

24/7 Assistance

Further, the platform offers 24/7 live chat assistance in multiple languages allowing publishers from different countries to resolve their doubts and get assistance in any issue they may face. It allows publishers who do not know English get their doubts resolved by a brand expert. In absence of such a support system, the place is often taken by unauthorized blogs and dubious people claiming to be from an organization. Adsterra has thus ensured online safety of their brand and everyone related to it with this step.

Knowledge Bank

Adsterra has been in the market for over a decade and has built its own knowledge bank of the best ad settings and formats. It shares this data with advertisers and publishers so that they can save time and effort spent on getting this crucial information. In many cases, it is also a leading cost-saving factor as you can run optimized ads without doing extensive testing.

Websites That Are Not Allowed On Adsterra

Some website categories will be denied by Adsterra if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Web page that links to the platform contains any illegal material
  • Websites with hacking and phreaking content
  • Websites that promote hatred on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or political stance
  • Website with spam, offensive newsgroup posts, or cyberbullying
  • Website that promotes physical damage, verbal abuse, and libel of others

In short, you should stay away from all the risky genres to get Adsterra approval and earn a healthy CPM. Once your account is approved, ensure you do not violate any Adsterra policy to stay clear of potential damage. If the company finds your website violating any rules or regulation, it may penalize it or worse, the website may get blocked from the platform.

Pros of Using Adsterra

There are many advantages to Adsterra. It is a decent and reliable network that has made efforts to reduce the number of the poor quality advertisements and publishers that many other networks experience. As a result, it is typically an excellent choice for those who are not able to get Google AdSense approval due to some reason.

Pros of Adsterra

Pop-Under Advertising

By far, Adsterra’s greatest asset is their emphasis on pop-under advertising. They can be utilized as a primary advertising network in this domain. Although they provide a variety of ad formats, their pop-under technology has received the most attention and is what the majority of advertisers will be looking for.

High CPM rates

You can monetize any kind of traffic with Adsterra’s Smart Direct links. You can place this special URL wherever you want, on your website, in a mobile app, or for monetizing social traffic. It is important that you request for correct approvals from Adsterra before using the Smart Direct links methodology.

This way, Adsterra makes it simple to harness your fan involvement to monetise your efforts if you run a well-liked Facebook (or other social media) page. The same thing is possible while using a website or blog. Any type of traffic may be made money off of, not just Facebook pages but also other forms of websites.

Different Ad Formats

The iFrames used by Social Bar on Adsterra are dynamic and do not obstruct online content. Simple iFrames appear in place of the rest of the page’s content, which is not clickable. Users of the website can click on advertisements, expand them, and collapse them while browsing the website and reading the content thanks to dynamic iFrame inside Adsterra creatives.

Accordingly, the creatives can take on any form based on your preferences and goals. Publishers can earn the highest CPMs with the use of social bar advertisements, while advertisers can increase CTRs by 10X to 30X.

Cons of Using Adsterra

As Adsterra is a fairly growing network, it comes with its set of disadvantages that can prevent you from using it in the long term. Here we have listed the major cons that you may feel are present with Adsterra in the real time.

Cons of Using Adsterra


The minimum payout for publishers is, first and foremost, quite high for the sector. To receive a payout via any payment method other than wire transfers, you must first earn $100. Minimum payment for wire transfers is $1,000. This implies that wire transfers are completely ineffective for the majority of site owners and that small sites may take a while to reach a payout. A $50 fee applies to wire transfers as well. Additionally, there is a 1 percent fee for processing bitcoin payments. Small commissions may also apply to other payout options; for example, Paxum charges $1 each transaction.

Payment Cycle

Upon reaching the payment threshold payments are made automatically in every 15 days . This means that you will not receive payments on a regular basis unless you can consistently reach the payment threshold every two weeks. If you rely on that money for future investments, it can be a little unpredictable. Aslo, it might not be possible for everyone to reach the payment threshold by the designated day and they might miss a crucial payment due to this. It is one of the most disliked features from Adsterra that publishers complain about.

Not Ideal For Low Volume Publishers

Essentially, Adsterra is not the best option for low volume publications due to the traffic requirements, compensation level, and other issues. They are not as limiting as some of the high-end ad networks that demand millions of monthly hits, but they are also not completely open to everyone, making them challenging to employ while you are still trying to expand your site. If your website is still growing, then we suggest you get good traffic first. Once you have traffic on the website, your primary ad network choice should be Google AdSense, if you meet its terms and conditions.

Final Word

Publishers with any level of traffic can use the Adsterra ad network. This ad network will be a fantastic option for you if your traffic is primarily from the US or Europe. It is a fantastic alternative to Google AdSense because it offers big rewards that are comparable. Publishers who disregard Adsterra’s terms of service may be severely penalized by the network. We advise preparing for a potential ban if you intend to violate any of their specified regulations. This is a network you should wait to join if you are a website owner who is still trying to increase your traffic because you might not be able to fulfill the minimums that they demand of their publishers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adsterra legitimate?

Adsterra, which was launched in 2013, is regarded as an excellent monetization platform for publishers due to its flexibility and clever solutions. Over 30 billion impressions are served by the ad network globally. Given that this ad network is now operating more than 20k ads concurrently, it also guarantees 100% fill rates.

How can I increase my Adsterra CPM?

Adsterra advises focusing on ad income first, although CPM is equally important for assessing the performance of your traffic. Here are a few ways with which you can increase CPM on Adsterra:
1. Choose best matching ad formats
2. Monitor Bounce rates
3. Advertising code updates
4. Ad density and diversity
5. Ad networks’ scripts

Is Adsterra better than AdSense?

You can run the adverts on any website and not worry about permission if you already have an AdSense account. On the other side, Adsterra has a minimal traffic level requirement and should still approve your website with 1-2k daily page views.

How do I monetize Facebook with Adsterra?

Adsterra’s Smart Direct Links are a great way to monetize any kind of traffic, whether it is your Facebook page, website or any other social media platform. You can monetary benefits from your fan following, community or just about any online place where you host a large community. The approved URL from Adsterra can be simply pasted to get things started.


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