20 Best TV Shows for Entrepreneurs You Must Watch in 2024

Are you an entrepreneur and love to watch TV shows? Here are 20 best TV shows for entrepreneurs that you must watch in 2024.

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So, if you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, here are 20 TV series you really must watch. But before we move towards the long-list, here’s a short one so that you can start watching something, instantly.

20 Must Watch TV Shows for Entrepreneurs in  2024

These shows revolve around business and entrepreneurship. They will surely teach you a lot about the financial aspects of this world. So, tune in to one of them today and do not forget to tell us how you felt about them.

20 Best TV Shows For Entrepreneurs

  1. Mad Men


You may have probably heard of this show because it has been around for a while or better, you have already watched it. This 92-episode long period drama series follows the lives of 1960s advertising executives in a time when anything could be promoted with the right tagline. It is a terrific way to pass the time right now.

Mad Men offers a fascinating look into the inner workings of an advertising firm, including its organizational structure, client interactions, and the creative process. It also does not downplay the heavy drinking and endemic misogyny that are prevalent in the industry.

This series provides excellent advice on how to combine marketing methods while generating great customer experience in an era when consumption was often equated with happiness.

Released in: 2007

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 8.7 Stars

  1. The Ballers

The Ballers

You can tell a business TV show is great when Dwayne Johnson is the lead! The Ballers is centered on the sports industry. It highlights many of the difficulties that business owners face in this industry. The takeaway is simple: no matter what line of work you are in, tenacity and overcoming hardship will reveal your true character. The Rock also takes on a whole different persona in this position; he is serious and emotionally open while also being driven to keep things moving, just like any aspiring boss should be!

Released in: 2015

Where To Watch: HBO Max

IMDb Rating: 7.5 Stars

  1. The Profit

The Profit

Marcus Lemonis, the head of Camping World, is the subject of the TV documentary ‘The Profit.’ When Lemonis is not busy running his own business, he works to salvage small enterprises by providing financing in exchange for ownership stakes in the businesses. More than 100 small enterprises have been successfully turned around their bad times with help from Lemonis.

It is a great TV show for company owners to watch to learn how to be resilient and face challenging economic times as well as how to accept assistance when needed. Further, it demonstrates how you can make some money all while saving someone else’s efforts. Lemonis’ salvage efforts were not appreciated by many around him but today when several of the salvaged businesses have turned into million dollar enterprises, everyone knows what the man was thinking.

Released in: 2013

Where To Watch: CNBC

IMDb Rating: 8.3 Stars

  1. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

This business-focused television program’s primary focus is on would-be founders and the rapid changes it may bring about in their lives in Silicon Valley. This Emmy-nominated show’s plot is about the coexistence of good and greed in the business world in the computer industry. You will gain greater knowledge about corporate ethics and morality as well as the true power of those who make the decisions in the end. The protagonist of this series is computer programmer Richard Hendricks, who travels to Silicon Valley, the epicenter of US technology, with his four partners.

It is a lot of fun to watch Richard, who has little business experience, deal with their rivals, make difficult decisions for his business, look for investors, and deal with all the other challenges a successful modern entrepreneur must face. This show is something every modern entrepreneur must see to get a glimpse of the struggles that they might have to face in their journey.

Released in: 2014

Where To Watch: HBO Max

IMDb Rating: 8.5 Stars

  1. Dirty Money

Dirty Money

You will undoubtedly feel fired up, angry, and unable to put this superb and biting documentary series down once you start watching. Through in-depth analyses of a few incidents Dirty Money takes a deep dive into corporate fraud and greed. These are the incidents that probably everyone has heard about, but forgotten, or never fully understood to begin with,

Every episode touches on different elements and stages of corruption and greed. The series takes you on an exciting tour through scams and corporate misconduct, from debilitating payday loans to emissions-cheating auto manufacturers to money laundering for cartels.

Released in: 2018

Where To Watch: Netflix

IMDb Rating: 8.1 Stars

  1. Billions


Set in several key US financial hubs, Billions centers around two influential New York City residents.

This show can be very helpful to business owners because it reveals the strategies used by hedge fund managers to sway the capital markets in their favor. It also covers the world of financial market strategists and how they can be used as pawns by the wealthiest participants, who frequently consider taking drastic measures to make ‘big bucks.’

Released in: 2016

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 8.4 Stars

  1. Empire


One of the most well-known business TV shows airing now is Empire. Make sure you do not confuse it with ‘The Empire’ as both of these are different shows. The series’ central character is Lucious Lyon, CEO of Empire Entertainment and a former drug dealer who built a multimillion dollar hip-hop and entertainment business. It is played by Terrence Howard.

Empire is a fantastic illustration of how entrepreneur lives may be impacted by greed and competition for corporate domination. There are many situations, concepts, and solutions in the series that address difficult decisions and what happens after they are made.

Released in: 2015

Where To Watch: Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 7.3 Stars

  1. Broken


The 2019 Netflix show Broken is made up of stand-alone investigative episodes that look into the production methods and social pressures that drive consumer demand for various goods, such as plastic products, makeup, e-cigarettes, furniture, and makeup. Each episode probes under the surface to expose these industries’ dysfunctional and corrupt underbelly.

You will learn more as a customer and a business owner after watching this documentary series. Episodes look at how influencer hype and scarcity marketing foster an environment where fake makeup grows, vaping among kids becomes a problem, disposable furniture causes deaths, and businesses employ single-use plastic. The show provides a frightening yet captivating look at the all-pervasive forces of globalism, consumer culture, brand demand, and mass production that mold the marketing world. The key message that dishonest business tactics are never acceptable is reinforced by the show.

Released in: 2019

Where To Watch: Netflix

IMDb Rating: 6.8 Stars

  1. House of Lies

House of Lies

House of Lies is one of those utterly surprising business TV shows even for the sharpest business minds. This programme focuses on how the business world manages its tasks and how women are welcomed into the workplace.

As one of those TV shows for businesses that teaches lessons but still makes you laugh your guts out, House of Lies has all the ingredients of a witty and original plot to retain your attention. It is one of the most popular comedy dramas that portrays a business scenario.

Released in: 2012

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 7.4

  1. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

It makes perfect sense for Breaking Bad fans to watch this prequel. Better Call Saul is a compelling, darkly comic modern drama with plenty of suspenseful moments that will keep you engaged, much like its predecessor.

The spin-off explains the background of corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman. Entrepreneurs may learn a lot from Saul, including when to take calculated risks in expanding their markets and how to adopt a ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality. Of course, his unethical and contentious methods for achieving success cast a cloud over his accomplishments. But we can laugh a little while we learn from his dishonest actions.

Released in: 2015

Where To Watch: Netflix

IMDb Rating: 8.8 Stars

  1. Shark Tank

Shark Tank

‘Shark Tank,’ a critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy award-winning television programme about entrepreneurship, encourages viewers to dream big and expand their businesses with resources and know-how. Anyone who watches Shark Tank would vouch for it being the best reality programme of all time. In the US, the 2009 series was a huge success.

The programme, which is currently in its 7th season, involves a group of potential venture capitalists known as ‘sharks’ who evaluate proposals from aspiring business owners looking for funding for their ventures or goods. Sharks are shown what entrepreneurs have to offer. They assess whether their product is the greatest that America has to offer before deciding whether or not to invest in them.

Released in: 2009

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video and ABC.com

IMDb Rating: 7.7 Stars

  1. GirlBoss


This show is based on the memoirs of Nasty Girl CEO and founder Sophia Amoruso. She is a role model for female entrepreneurs and girl bosses across the world. Despite having only one season, this sitcom did an excellent job of illustrating what it takes to succeed in business. GirlBoss, which is based on the same-named book, is essentially Amoruso’s life story with a little extra drama thrown in.

In the series, Amoruso attempts to get past obstacles as she builds the Nasty Gal vintage clothing company. Amoruso founded Nasty Gal in her bedroom at the age of 22, much like the famous Silicon Valley tale of launching a company from a garage. You watch her reach her lowest point before turning things around, beginning fresh, and achieving success. You can see her commitment to her work and her passion for it in the show. It is also a true representation of the female entrepreneurial spirit that has helped several top businesses grow.

Released in: 2017

Where To Watch: Netflix

IMDb Rating: 6.9 Stars

  1. Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den

You must master the skill of pitching if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, and Dragon’s Den is one of the best business TV programmes that explores this subject. Basically, the plot goes like this: bidders propose their company ideas to five ‘dragons’ (successful people) in the hopes of receiving a life-altering ‘yes.’ The dragons ask questions at the end of each pitch, although the pitchers are not usually required to respond.

Anyone who enjoys the rush of pitching, as well as anyone who wants to learn and develop the skill of selling their ideas and themselves, should watch this show! If you have watched Shark Tank then this show might feel similar to you in certain aspects, however, both of them are poles apart when it comes to core content and methodologies.

Released in: 2005

Where To Watch: CBC

IMDb Rating: 6.8 Stars

  1. StartUp


A smart but divisive cryptocurrency startup called GenCoin is the subject of the web drama series StartUp. Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin, and Mira Sorvino are among the series’ excellent ensemble cast members. Despite the show’s initial reception from reviewers (a 33 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes), which was mixed, it has gradually won over devoted fans over time.

This television series presently has 3 seasons and a total of 30 episodes. The show’s future is uncertain because neither a fourth season renewal nor a cancellation have been announced.

Released in: 2015

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 7.8 Stars

  1. Planet of the Apps

Planet of the Apps

In recent years, the popularity of mobile apps has greatly increased. There is no better show than Planet of Apps if you are curious to learn about the development of mobile apps. The contestant programmers on the American reality television programme Planet of Apps had the opportunity to pitch their concepts to the judges in under 60 seconds. The contestants have the opportunity to team up with them if the judges are intrigued by their presentation. The participants may also have the opportunity to get a sizable investment for their firm.

Planet of the Apps is hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Will.I.Am. It is also Apple’s first original television programme.

Released in: 2017

Where To Watch: Apple TV

IMDb Rating: 5.8 Stars

  1. WeCrashed


WeCrashed is an Apple TV+ limited series that follows the entrepreneurial rise and fall of WeWork and its creator, Adam Neumann. It is based on the well-known Wondery podcast series of the same name.

Neumann was able to gather money from well-known VCs and private equity firms from all across the world because of his exceptional appeal with investors and the business model that he showcased at that time. WeWork once had a staggering $47 billion market valuation. When Neumann made the decision to list his company on the stock market, everything fell apart. WeWork’s problematic business model and methods were ultimately revealed in what Forbes called the most absurd IPO of 2019.

The series effectively captures what happened behind the scenes at WeWork thanks to Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway’s excellent performances as Adam Neumann and Rebecca Neumann, respectively. The rise and collapse of WeWork serves as a cautionary tale for business owners and executives, and WeCrashed details all the significant occurrences and actions that contributed to the company’s demise.

It is also recommended that you check out the WeCrashed podcast, which is hosted by podcasting veteran David Brown, to discover more about the WeWork fiasco. You should also read Reeves Wiedeman’s book Billion Dollar Loser, which extensively details WeWork’s ascent and decline.

Released in: 2023

Where To Watch: Apple TV

IMDb Rating: 7.3 Stars

  1. Billion Dollar Business

Billion Dollar Buyer

Tilman Fertitta, a billionaire, owns and operates a variety of well-known eating and entertainment establishments, including Morton’s Steakhouse and the Golden Nugget Hotels & Casinos. In his series, Fertitta emphasizes small American businesses in an effort to support them. He highlights two small businesses in each episode, tests their goods, and gets to know the owners. He gives each some time before deciding whether to put a substantial purchase order with both, one, or neither.

Billion Dollar Business is a great series for anyone who wants to know how the masters make their decisions. It can help you get ahead of them with proper planning and modern techniques.

Released in: 2016

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 7.7 Stars

  1. The Grand Hustle

The Grand Hustle

Several entrepreneurs enjoy the unpredictable and difficult reality TV shows, but occasionally, they may become really stressful. The Grand Hustle, hosted by the rapper T.I., is the ideal choice if you want to learn about entrepreneurship while still getting some adrenaline. Despite the increased competition in its market, this series is highly listed on several business TV shows lists, all thanks to their original concept!

The Grand Hustle demonstrates the struggles and obstacles that inventors confront on a daily basis and how they overcome them. It also teaches us about competition for the ‘correct’ job.

Released in: 2018

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 7.1 Stars

  1. Mary Queen of Shops

Mary Queen of Shops

This show is a gem that not many people are aware of. The hugely successful British retail consultant Mary Portas hosted a show called ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ about the retail industry. Each episode follows Portas as she travels the UK on a mission to aid struggling clothing businesses and retail stores.

Released in 2007, this show was a hit of its time. However, it has been forgotten ever since and is a bit difficult to find these days. Nevertheless, it offers great advice on helping people succeed while you build a brand for yourself at the same time.

Released in: 2007

Where To Watch: Not available on major streaming platforms

IMDb Rating: 7.9 Stars

  1. The Newsroom

The Newsroom

The Newsroom is a 25-episode television series that centers on the fictitious Atlantis Cable News (ACN). It concerns the sudden shifts in morals and work ethics that occur when a new team is brought in.

There are several decision-making circumstances in The Newsroom that are resolved thanks to the characters’ superb interplay and consistency. Learn practical facts that you may put to use in your daily life, such as how to choose wisely when new hires for high-level jobs join an existing vibe using their own working practices. You can learn a lot when it comes to corporate management and people skills with this particular show.

Released in: 2012

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb Rating: 8.6 Stars

Final Word

When it comes to TV series and movies, most people think that they are a waste of time. But if you watch the right content then it might give you the right lessons or tips and tricks that you need to go on with something. Also, watching a long series is an experience in itself that could reward you in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a shark tank like show for Tech?

Planet of the Apps is similar to Shark Tank, but it focuses on mobile apps. In order to collaborate with one of the four judges for six weeks, software developers have 60 seconds to pitch the concept of their app in front of Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, William Adams (aka will.i.am), and Gary Vaynerchuk.

What should I watch if I like startup?

Watching business drama could be a good idea if your interest peaks into startups and the business world. You could select shows like:
1. Shark Tank
2. Planet of the Apps
3. The Newsroom
4. Dragon’s Den
Silicon Valley

Is WeCrashed a true story?

WeCrashed is based on the true story of Adam Neumann and his shared workplace company WeWork. The show highlights how WeWork’s 2019 IPO was an absolute disaster and what could be the mistake that could point towards the company management.


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