14 Fantastic Fantasy Map Generators for Game Developers and Enthusiasts

Discover the top 14 fantasy map generators perfect for game developers and enthusiasts. Create stunning and detailed maps for your fantasy worlds with these powerful tools.

In world-building, storytelling, and tabletop gaming, making detailed and immersive fantasy maps is really important. It helps to create exciting adventures and imaginative stories. Therefore, many creators are looking for the best fantasy map generator to help them bring their made-up worlds to life.

A really good fantasy map maker is not just a tool, it can help you be really creative and tell great stories. A great fantasy map creator helps people create detailed and lively worlds by making maps of all kinds of landscapes.

In this search for the best fantasy map generators, we are looking for the most useful and easy-to-use tools for making maps and telling stories. In this post, we will explore the world of imagination and fantasy, looking for the best map generators to inspire our creative projects.

14 Great Fantasy Map Generators

  1. Wonderdraft


Wonderdraft is a really good software for making maps. It’s made for creating fantasy worlds, playing role-playing games, and doing creative stuff. Wonderdraft was created by Megasploot and it has different tools and features to help people who make maps, run games, and write fantasy stories.

With Wonderdraft, people can make very detailed and custom maps of made-up landscapes, from big continents to detailed dungeon plans. The software has easy to use drawing tools, a lot of pre-made things to use, and advanced layering options.

This helps people to create their own imaginative worlds with accuracy and creativity. Also, Wonderdraft has special tools like customizable brushes, automatic coastline creation, and the ability to import heightmaps. This helps users make beautiful maps that fit their specific settings and themes.


The cost for downloading the software is $29.99 They have two more sets of art. Pirates cost $4.99 and Fantasy buildings cost $9.99.


The map creator owns the copyright.


Lots of Maps, lots of land and water boundaries, many cities and labels, big maps, and the ability to draw with a digital pen.


Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Options for Exporting Images

JPP, WebP, and PNG.

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  1. Inkarnate


Inkarnate is a popular tool for making maps online. It is used to make maps for games, books, and other creative projects. Created by Inkarnate Entertainment, the software is easy to use and has many different tools for people who make maps, whether they are just starting out or have a lot of experience.

With Inkarnate, people can make detailed and lifelike maps of different types of places, like forests, mountains, cities, and others. The software has a lot of ready-made things like textures, icons, and symbols, so people can make their maps look the way they want.

Also, it has easy-to-use drawing tools, layers, and collaboration features that help users make beautiful maps easily. If you like to create games or write stories, Inkarnate can help you bring your ideas to life. It has tools and resources to make your imagination come alive, and make the experience better for both creators and audiences.


There are two main pricing choices: Free and Pro. The Pro option can be paid monthly or yearly. If you want to upgrade to Pro for a whole year, it costs $25. The monthly cost for Pro is $5 each month.


You need a subscription to use it for business. Inkarnate can do anything they want with your maps whenever they want.


The Free and Pro versions have lots of features. The Pro version has over 19200 HD assets, can export in 8K, lets you upload your own assets, can be used for commercial purposes, and can export up to 1000 maps.


This works in your web browser and it’s best to log in on a laptop or desktop with a big screen.

Options for Exporting Images

You can export the maps in different formats, but with the pro version, you can only export up to 1000 maps per year.

  1. DungenFog


DungeonFog is a tool that helps people who make and play role-playing games create detailed maps. It is designed for dungeon masters, game designers, and tabletop enthusiasts. Created by DungeonFog GmbH, this online tool is easy to use and has lots of helpful features to make it easier to create maps.

With DungeonFog, people can create detailed and exciting maps of dungeons, cities, forests, and other places easily. The software has a lot of ready-to-use things like tiles, objects, and textures. It also has tools for drawing and making your own things.

Also, DungeonFog lets many people work together on the same map at the same time and share their creations with others. If you’re creating a cool game for your friends or making a new game world, DungeonFog can help you bring your ideas to life. It makes the game more fun for everyone.


The Fantasy map generator has a free version, and a yearly premium version that costs £52.99, as well as a commercial version that costs £105.90 annually.


Copyright is available only for people who pay for the commercial subscription. You can use this for making money and sell what you create for others to use in their business.


The premium and commercial versions have mostly the same features, but the commercial version has a copyright for using it for business purposes. Endless maps, over 4000 objects and textures, pre-made designs, and high-quality file export. Add your own photos, videos, and themes.


Using a web browser.

Options for Exporting Images

Exporting high-quality images or files is available with a subscription. Export pictures for free but they will have low quality and a watermark on them.

  1. Azgaar


Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator is a strong tool made for making very detailed and customizable fantasy maps for different uses like creating worlds, telling stories, and playing games. Azgaar helps people make cool maps and tell interesting stories in made-up worlds.

With Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator, you can create a random map or change everything about it, like the shape of the land, the type of terrain, the weather, and the different cultures. The software is easy to use and has lots of ready-to-use pictures and features. This means you can be really creative with it.

Furthermore, Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator has tools to edit and improve maps. It can also save maps in different formats for use in other programs. If you like to make games or write stories, Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator can help you create cool worlds. It will make your stories better for you and your readers.


Make your own fantasy map for free.


It is open source and is available for anyone to see and use. It is good to use because it allows for collaboration and improvement by a community of developers.


Many different choices for layers, like textures, maps with heights, rivers, religions, states, borders, roads, and other things. This map generator has lots of different options to choose from.


You can only use it in a browser.

Options for Exporting Images

Save the image in different file types for exporting. You can also save them as a JSON file.

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  1. Campaign Cartographer 3

Campaign Cartographer 3

Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) is a useful software for making detailed maps to use in games and stories. ProFantasy Software made CC3 for people who like making maps and designing games. It has lots of tools and features just for them. Users can easily make maps of different places, like fantasy worlds or dungeons.

The program has easy-to-use drawing tools, symbols and textures you can change, and lots of ready-made things to make your own worlds. With CC3, people can create their own make-believe landscapes, such as mountains, forests, cities, and castles, with great detail and imagination.

Campaign Cartographer 3 helps you imagine and show your creative ideas to others, making the game or story more enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced game leader or a new fantasy writer, this tool has everything you need to bring your vision to life.


The main software costs £29.95, but there are many bundles and add-ons that you can buy.


You own the copyright for your map.


Many features are available to create various landscapes needed for a map.


Can be used on Windows PC.

Options for Exporting Images

You can save your map as a high-quality picture in PNG, JPEG, and BMP format to use in other programs or on the internet. You can also save your map as a vector file to use in different CAD programs.

Other Major Fantasy Map Generators

  1. AI Map Generator

AI Map Generator

The AI Map Generator is a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people make detailed maps for gaming, storytelling, and creating worlds. Created by AI Map Generator LLC, this online tool has extra helpful features to make it easier to create maps.

The AI Map Generator helps people create detailed maps easily, including terrain, landmarks, and geographical information. The tool uses advanced algorithms to study what the user wants and makes maps that match their choices.

The AI Map Generator gives users the ability to change the map to how they want it. They can choose the size, style, and content to fit their needs. If you like to make games or write stories, the AI Map Generator can help you bring your ideas to life easily and accurately.

  1. Medieval Fantasy City Generator

The Medieval Fantasy City Generator is a website that helps make detailed and exciting fantasy cities for things like games, books, and other creative projects. Created by Watabou, this generator has an easy-to-use design and lots of options to customize. It’s meant for people who make maps and tell stories.

With the Medieval Fantasy City Generator, people can make detailed maps of cities easily, including streets, buildings, landmarks, and other city features. The tool lets you change the size of the city, how it’s laid out, how many buildings there are, and other things. This helps you make cities that fit your own needs and ideas.

The generator also lets you choose how to save maps in different ways, so you can easily use them with other programs and projects. If you’re someone who likes to create games or write stories, the Medieval Fantasy City Generator can help you create cool, imaginary cities.

  1. Donjon Fantasy World Generator

Donjon Fantasy World Generator

The Donjon Fantasy World Generator is a useful tool made by Donjon RPG Tools. It helps game masters, authors, and world-builders make detailed and exciting fantasy worlds for their projects. This online tool has many features to help people make maps and tell stories.

With this generator, people can easily create fantasy worlds with continents, oceans, and land features using just a few clicks. The tool lets you change different things in the world like how the land looks, the weather, and the different cultures. This helps people make worlds that match what they want.

The Donjon Fantasy World Generator lets you save maps in different types to use in other programs easily. If you want to make a new story or game, the Donjon Fantasy World Generator can help you create a detailed and realistic world. It’s a useful tool for writers and game creators.

  1. Worldspinner


Worldspinner is a special tool that helps people tell stories, run games, and write books by creating amazing made-up worlds. Created by Worldspinner LLC, this online tool has special features for people who want to create worlds and maps.

With Worldspinner, people can make whole worlds, including continents, oceans, and landforms, with just a few clicks. The tool lets you change different things about the world, like the weather, types of land, and cultural areas. This helps you make worlds that match the settings and themes you want.

Worldspinner also offers various options to add more details, historical events, and stories to make the process of creating a world more complete. If you want to make a new game or write a story, Worldspinner can help you create amazing and detailed imaginary worlds.

  1. Nortantis


Nortantis is a special tool that helps people create detailed and immersive fantasy maps for games, stories, and world-building. It was created by Inkwell Ideas. This online tool has many options and tools for people who make maps and tell stories.

With Nortantis, people can make very detailed maps of make-believe lands, islands, and regions. They will have landforms, important places, and geographical details included. The tool has easy-to-use controls and lots of ready-to-use things like symbols, icons, and textures, so you can be really creative.

Furthermore, Nortantis lets you change things like the size and style of the map to fit what you like. If you want to create a new RPG game, make a fictional world for your story, or just draw maps, Nortantis can help you do it easily and accurately.

  1. FlowScape


FlowScape is a special 3D landscape design program made by Pixel Forest Games. It’s easy to use and meant for artists, designers, and creators to make really cool and realistic environments. This computer program has an easy-to-use design and many tools to help make designing landscapes easier.

With FlowScape, people can easily make beautiful and detailed outdoor scenes, including land, plants, water, and other natural things. The software has a lot of things you can use, like trees, rocks, buildings, and animals. You can also change the tools to make your own designs.

Also, FlowScape lets you see your creations in great detail and make changes instantly. If you want to create art or make video games, FlowScape can help you do it easily and accurately. It has everything you need to bring your creative ideas to life.

  1. WorldAnvil


WorldAnvil is a tool to help people create detailed made-up worlds for writing stories, games, or other projects. Janet Forbes and Dimitris Havlidis made a website with lots of tools for people who create worlds and stories.

WithWorld Anvil, people can create lots of details about their made-up worlds, like maps, timelines, characters, cultures, and other things. The platform gives you different templates and tools to create cool and exciting worlds. You can also work with others and share your work with people.

WorldAnvil also has forums, workshops, and events where you can talk to other creators and get ideas for building your world. If you want to write a book, create a game world, or just have fun being creative, WorldAnvil has everything you need to make your ideas real.

  1. MapForge


MapForge is a type of software that helps make detailed and unique maps for games and other projects. Created by Battlegrounds Games LLC, this software has lots of tools to help people make maps and create cool gaming worlds.

With MapForge, people can make maps of different places like caves, forests, towns, and other types of land. The software has lots of ready-to-use stuff like tiles and textures, and also easy drawing tools. You can be super creative with it.

MapForge helps with making grid-based maps, fog-of-war effects, and dynamic lighting, which can make gameplay more exciting. If you want to create maps for a game or just for fun, MapForge can help. It has what you need to make detailed and beautiful maps easily.

  1. Hexographer


Hexographer is a map-making tool made by Inkwell Ideas. It’s used to make detailed maps with hexagons, and you can customize them. People use it for games like tabletop RPGs, board games, and creating worlds. This software has an easy-to-use screen and lots of tools to make maps quickly and easily.

Users can make maps of different places like continents, regions, and dungeons with just a few clicks. The software has easy-to-use drawing tools, lots of ready-made pictures to use, and options to change the land. You can be very creative with it.

It can help you add things like mountains, rivers, and political borders to your maps, so you can make them fit the specific places and ideas you have. Whether you’re planning a role-playing game or designing a board game, Hexographer has the tools you need.

Final Thoughts

Searching for the best fantasy map generator has taken us to a world of endless imagination and endless options. There are many tools available with different features to help map-makers and storytellers create their imaginative worlds.

While each map generator has its advantages, there is no one best option. The right choice depends on what the creator needs and likes. Whether you want easy controls, things you can change, or lots of options for editing, there is a map maker for you.

As we finish our exploration, we realize how important imagination and fantasy map generators are for making exciting and engaging worlds. With these useful tools, creators can start big adventures and make stories that people will love for a long time.


What should I look for in a fantasy map creator?

Important things to think about include being able to change the land and terrain, using ready-made symbols and icons, easy drawing tools, being able to save maps in different formats, and working together with other people on the map.

Can fantasy map generators be used for projects that will be sold?

It all depends on the rules for using the fantasy map generator you pick. Some generators can be used for free for personal and commercial projects, but others may need to be paid for if used in commercial projects.

Will beginners be able to use fantasy map generators?

Yes, lots of fantasy map creators have easy-to-use tools and are good for people who are just starting out. They often give tutorials, advice and places where people can talk to each other to help users start and get better at making maps.

Will I be able to customize the maps created by a fantasy map generator?

Yes, many fantasy map makers let you change a lot of things, like the land, landmarks, colors, and symbols. This flexibility allows users to make maps that fit with their own settings and storytelling needs.


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