Frase AI Review: Benefits, Drawbacks, Pricing, and Alternatives

Explore our comprehensive review of Frase AI, covering its benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and top alternatives.

Are you tired of using many different tools to make good content for your website? If you are, Frase might be the perfect solution for you. It stands out because it uses AI to create content. It can help you do everything from learning about things to making your content better for search engines.

With Frase, you can create content without needing other tools. Having your blog posts written for you automatically might seem unbelievable, but it could have a positive outcome.

To know more, read this post on Frase AI review to see how well the AI writer tool works.

Frase AI Review

What is Frase?

Frase is a tool that uses AI to help create and manage content by researching, outlining, optimizing, and developing it. Its main aim is to assist users in making a good plan for their online content and making it easy for people to find it through search engines.

In addition, Frase’s writing tool uses AI to help people make new content by understanding what the audience needs and what questions they have. In the past, Frase used its own algorithm to make content. But now they use the OpenAI GPT-3 instead.

Now that Frase is powered by GPT-3, it can create even better content that is almost just like what a person would write in a very short time. It is more flexible now and can be used for many more things.

Leading online marketing services providers are leveraging to optimize their content strategies and improve search engine rankings.

Benefits of Frase

Better Content Research: Frase’s content research feature is very good. Being able to look quickly at what other people are writing about, how many words they use, and the main points they talk about is really helpful. Being able to create a content brief automatically is very helpful.

Simple Content Optimization: We have been doing SEO for a long time and the best way to improve content is to look at what is already ranking well. Frase makes it easy to optimize your content with helpful suggestions.

Quality Output: Frase can make really good written content. This might be because Frase’s AI uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, which helps it write convincingly like a human.

Flexibility: Frase is better than other AI writers because it is very flexible. Because of the community feature, there are many templates to choose from for any situation you can think of. You can create your own templates using the Custom Tool feature.

Good User Interface: We really liked how Frase’s user interface looks. Certainly, much of this depends on what each person likes. In our opinion, we think Frase’s interface is easier to use than others, and we found it more intuitive. The design is neat and easy to use, and all the tools work well together to make it easy for a writer to work.

Integration with Google Docs: We find it easier to create and optimize content when we write it in Google Docs. We really liked this feature, and we think others will too.

Drawbacks of Frase

Basic Keyword Research: Frase doesn’t have a built-in keyword research tool like some of its competitors. The Topic Planner tool can help you find longer keywords, but its suggestions aren’t the best. It also doesn’t provide data like how often people search for the keyword or how hard it is to rank for it.

Pro Add-On is Necessary: The starting cost of Frase’s subscription plans is very cheap. However, when you include the cost of the Pro Add-On, it becomes much pricier. The add-on is really important if you want to create a lot of content. Without it, you can only use 4,000 AI words per month.

How to Use Frase?

Using the Frase AI writing tool is very simple and easy. When you sign in to your Frase profile, create a new document and put your main keyword in the “Target Search Query” section.

In simple words, Frase will check the best search results for your question and assist you in organizing your content based on that. After you put in the words you want to search for, Frase will make a new document for you.

The document has a list of the best articles found on search engines for that keyword. You can look through these articles to see what content is doing well, and it can help you plan your own content.

When you see parts you want to include, just click on them and they’ll be added to your document. You can choose to make these as H2s, H3s, and so on. This helps you organize your article, which is just the first step of using this tool.

Next, you need to use AI to write the content. This part is really awesome. Just click under your headings and then click “Write for Me” to add text. Frase will now write this part for you without you having to do it.

Quality of Output

Can the Frase AI writer do the same job as a human writer? To find the answer, we have to consider two things:

  • The information provided in each section
  • Way of writing

First, the information in it was really good. It is very helpful to be able to pick the parts that you want based on what you find when searching. This helps you make your articles better by using the top-ranked content as a guide.

We thought each part was explained well and had important information. The AI tool also had good writing quality. But, it needs a person to fix some grammar mistakes, add spaces, break up sentences, and make the writing sound better.

However, everything seemed logical and sounded smooth. Overall, this was a pretty good result for an AI writing tool. By reviewing the final content, you can add or edit more relevant data to your content.

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The Solo plan is $14.99 per month, or $12.66 per month if you pay for a whole year at once. It’s good for people who only put out a few articles every month. It has 1 seat for a user and allows you to write and optimize up to 4 articles every month.


The Basic plan costs $44.99 per month, but it’s $38.25 per month if you pay for a whole year at once. It’s good for people who need to write and optimize articles often, like bloggers who write a lot or professional writers. It only has one seat for one user, but it lets you write and optimize up to 30 articles each month.


The Team plan is $114.99 per month and it’s great for marketing agencies and teams. It has seats for 3 users, and you can buy more seats for $25 each per month. You can write and optimize as many articles as you want.

All plans are limited to 4,000 AI-generated words per month unless you buy the Pro Add-On. The Pro Add-On costs $35 more each month. It lets you use as many AI words as you want and has extra features like looking up keyword search volumes and SERP data.

Third-Party Frase Reviews


Frase is highly rated on Trustpilot with a 4.1 star rating and 80% of reviewers giving it the best rating. Most people feel good about Frase. They like its features and tools for making content better.



Frase has received great reviews on G2, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. People really like Frase as a writing tool using AI and also for making content better. In general, things are going well for Frase.


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Alternatives for Frase

If you don’t like Frase as an AI writer or content optimization tool, you might want to try a different tool instead. We will look at some of the major alternatives available right now in the market.

  1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a helpful tool that helps businesses improve their website’s search engine rankings and get more visitors. It helps users make content that gets noticed by their target audience. It does this by analyzing keywords, giving advice on how to make content better, and tracking how well the content is doing.

Surfer SEO looks at the best pages that come up in search results for certain words and gives advice on how to make your own webpage better by suggesting changes in the content and how it’s organized. By using Surfer SEO, businesses can make good content that appears high in search results and brings more people to their websites.

  1. makes creating content easier and more efficient using AI. It creates good stuff like blog posts, ads, and social media content using what users say. It is a tool that helps people make really good content for different places by offering ideas and different styles to use.

By using smart algorithms, can make writing content fast and easy, which helps people save time and work when making content. If you want to make great blog posts, ads, or social media content, can help you do it easily.

  1. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is a tool that uses advanced algorithms to help businesses improve their website content so it is more likely to be found in search engines and liked by people. It helps to create and improve content by creating outlines, finding topics, and scoring content.

MarketMuse looks at a lot of information to find important topics, words, and places where there is a content gap. This helps people make really good content that shows up high in search results. It helps businesses do better in marketing by giving them useful advice and ideas. This helps them do better than their competitors and reach their goals more easily.

  1. Clearscope


Clearscope is a tool that gives a better understanding of important topics, keywords, and how the content is organized to improve SEO. By using Clearscope, people can make content that connects with their intended audience and gets better rankings in search engines.

Clearscope looks at the best content that shows up when you search for something on the internet. It then suggests ways to make your own content better so it can compete with the top results. This platform helps companies make good content that is easy for search engines and people to find.

To Conclude

In general, Frase has a strong base. This AI tool can be used by both beginners and experts because it has a lot of analytics features. If you’re not just using short content, you’ll probably want to get the SEO add-on if you can afford it. This upgrade will let you write longer and have more freedom to write longer pieces of content.

Overall, Frase is one of the best AI writing tools available. However, it still can’t completely replace a skilled writer for now. The best way to use Frase is to make your work faster and write more quickly. It can help you start writing, but a writer will likely need to edit or rewrite it before it’s ready to be published.


What does Frase AI do to make content better?

Frase AI helps make your content better by giving you ideas for what to write about, finding the best keywords, and telling you how well your content is doing. These tools help companies make content that is easy for search engines to find and appeals to their desired customers.

How Frase AI helps my content marketing strategy?

Frase AI makes creating content easier by giving helpful suggestions for making content better for search engines and users. By using Frase AI tools to make content better, businesses can save time, improve content quality, get more people to visit their website without paying for ads, and get better results from their content marketing.

Can Frase AI work for all types of businesses and in any industry?

Yes, Frase AI can be used by any business, big or small, and in any industry that uses content marketing to attract visitors, get new customers, and connect with their audience. No matter if you’re a small new business or a big company, Frase AI’s tools can help you make really good content that your customers will like and that will show up well in search results.

How good is Frase AI compared to other tools for making content better?

Frase AI is different from other content creation tools because it uses advanced AI technology like machine learning algorithms and language processing. These tools help Frase AI give better advice on how to make content better. This can help businesses improve their online marketing and do better in search engine results.


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