SpyFu Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives And Detailed Pros & Cons

SpyFu is a powerful and intuitive PPC tool that offers an excellent range of features. Here's our review, with details on how it can help you rank higher on search engines like Google or Bing!

SpyFu justifies its name. You can use it to snoop on other companies by getting insights into their Google ads and their digital marketing strategy. Thanks to its spying capabilities, SpyFu gives you instant access to crucial competitor data. However, all of this surveillance is completely legal. In fact, there is a good chance that SpyFu is being used by your rivals to spy on your company. You can either hire an agency for PPC services or use SpyFu to make your in-house team’s work easier.

So, you ought to pay it forward. You might adopt this tool when you find out what other companies in your sector are doing to improve their Google ad results. Additionally, it will increase the visibility of your company while providing your team with crucial data in the form of competitor analysis, PPC analyzer, cross linking tips and more. Using this data you can design better campaigns with higher success rates.

SpyFu is designed to provide competitive intelligence for Google Ads. Its key features will assist you in understanding what drives your competitors’ performance, which will feed directly into your own strategy. SpyFu still performs well in this area. Its more recent features are sufficient to suggest it as a one-stop PPC solution.

What is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a cloud-based search marketing platform. It gives digital marketers the resources and talents they require to run efficient and effective online marketing campaigns. This tool provides useful information on the most successful ads and keywords that rival marketers are using for both organic and paid search.

Marketers may develop and use smarter approaches if they have the correct knowledge. Additionally, the platform provides cutting edge technology that PPC specialists can use. With this software, advertising experts will have the resources they need to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, increase profitability, and get more customers.

Who Should Use SpyFu?

With no overwhelming data dashboards, SpyFu markets itself as a comprehensive tool for domain and PPC analysis. Smaller companies that wish to concentrate on the key KPIs that will propel them to page one of Google should consider this option.

For larger brands that want a picture of rival activity, SpyFu is also fantastic. A great plus in this regard is the availability of extensive past data. SpyFu is probably going to work in conjunction with a more comprehensive set of other tools for these bigger companies.

3 Amazing Tasks SpyFu Can Do For You

SpyFu is unmatched when it comes to research. Due to its extensive feature set, superior reporting, and strong support for digital marketing and advertising, SpyFu is among the most well-known brands in the PPC industry. Although it could be a little complicated for beginners, it is nevertheless a top choice among top marketers.

Three amazing tasks SpyFu can do for you are listed below, along with various actions you can take:

PPC Competitor Research

  • Monitor PPC competition
  • Adwords spy tool
  • PPC negative match recommendations
  • Find competitor keywords that you aren’t already buying
  • PPC ad rank tracker

SEO Competitor Research

  • Review competitor backlinks by keyword
  • Keyword group analysis
  • Create detailed reports
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Three way competitor research tool

Keyword Research

  • Adwords advice
  • Keyword grouper tool
  • SERP and PPC analysis
  • Google keyword tool alternative
  • Keyword ranking history

SpyFu Features To Keep An Eye Out For

SpyFu Features

SpyFu can search for domains, give smart recommendations and reliable contact information. Numerous tactical tools for SEO and PPC are also included in SpyFu. Although it does not address technical SEO or content marketing, it does feature several useful backlink tools.

Here are major SpyFu features that you must lookout for:

Unlimited Backlink Results

Building backlinks, specifically quality ones, is a well-known way to increase your authority and search engine ranks. You may even have used link-building techniques that entail submitting guest blogs and asking backlinks. With SpyFu’s Unlimited Backlink Results, you can analyze competitor backlinks and categorize them based on several factors.

Data Exports

Spyfu has designed a wide range of reports and exportable formats to accommodate everyone. It has everything you need, whether you want to onboard a new customer, get thorough ppc assessments, or pore over thousands of rows of data.

In-Depth SEO Reports

Obtain a comprehensive list of the mistakes preventing your website from ranking first on Google. SpyFu provides in-depth SEO reports that have all the required metrics that you need to rank your website better.

Backlinks Exports

Export backlink data and list of selected links through the Backlinks Export feature of SpyFu. While this is a common feature that is incorporated in almost every SEO tool, its importance cannot be understated. There are times when you would want to work outside of the tool. It is when this feature comes to your rescue, allowing you to take your work to local drives.

AdWords Template

Although it is a somewhat complex tool, AdWords offers a terrific approach to spread the word about your company. Fortunately, SpyFu makes your life simpler by allowing you to import AdWords templates. To keep your keywords organized, the templates use structured ad groups. Each ad group has at least one ad. You only need to enter your niche-relevant keywords, and you are ready to go!


Additionally, SpyFu comes with a tool called Kombat that can assist you in distributing the proper keywords to your intended audience. This is how it works: You choose two additional competitor domains. You will see a report from Kombat that contrasts your keywords with theirs. Learn more about the keywords using that report. You will find different sections in it that will tell you about:

  • Keywords you do not rank for in contrast to your rivals
  • Keywords you are ranked for but your rivals are not
  • Keywords that both you and your rivals rank for

Keep in mind that it is not necessarily a ‘win’ if you rank for a given set of keywords while your rivals do not. It can imply that certain keywords do not have a large volume.

Backlinks Searches

According to SpyFu, its backlink builder tool is not for ‘audits’ but is built for ‘discovery’. It allows you to discover backlinks built on a particular domain. You can also see website traffic, domain metrics and other data from the same dashboard. You can also search backlinks built around certain keywords and explore their data.

AdWords Advisor Reports

What if you can implement your competitor backlinking strategy to Google AdWords? With SpyFu you can do that without any hassle. The Google AdWords Advisor gives keywords that your competitor might be running ads on and the expected traffic that they are generating from it. Using this, you can prioritize your next steps and run a successful ad campaign.

Domain Searches

Find the success formula of leaders from your industry with SpyFu’s domain search feature. You can see the number of ranking organic keywords a particular website has along with displacement data. The dashboard also provides a range of other information like competition data, top keywords from the website, and more.

PPC Keywords

The PPC Keywords research tool from SpyFu is excellent to know the paid keywords that your competitor might be ranking on. It also offers next-gen search capabilities with features like, desktop vs mobile search data, click percentage, etc.

Keyword Searches

SpyFu’s keyword research tool is strong enough to compete with other SEO tools in the market, and it has a few unique features that set it apart. SpyFu allows you to access historical keyword data. It is quite encouraging to have this longer-term view given the erratic nature of SEO rankings. Additionally, there are helpful filters that allow you to see only the keywords whose ranking position has changed recently so you can act right now.

Add Your Own Keywords

You may also type in any of your preferred keyword phrases to uncover relevant links associated with that specific keyword and the search volume. It will save a tonne of time in your search for sites where you can find link-building chances and the best keywords for your marketing strategy. You could make a keyword out of anything that relates to your business. It could be the name of one of your popular products or the area that your business is situated in. There will always be specific keywords that relate to only you. Make sure your website ranks on them so that no one else takes advantage of your rightful reach.

Organic Ranking History

Observing how well your rivals have performed over time is helpful. You will be able to tell which of them is serious about their SEO strategy in this manner. The competitors you should be on the lookout for are those with rising rankings. You can see how significant algorithm updates like Panda affected rival ranks by looking at SpyFu’s Ranking History report. In actuality, the line graph chart will demonstrate precisely when a website’s rating changed. SpyFu currently has nine years’ worth of data at its disposal. However, the report is not just about websites. A given web page’s ranking can also be followed over time.

Custom Branded Reports

Agencies prefer sending out material with their brand name and information on it rather than sending something that mentions a tool or software. This acts as a strong deterrent in agency growth and hence SpyFu’s custom branded reports feature is a big hit among agencies. It allows them to edit the branding on the reports to support agency narrative.

Organic Keywords

Although your rivals may have nabbed some excellent keywords, it is unlikely that they have also nabbed every term associated with your niche. By identifying keywords associated with the search terms your competitors rank for, SpyFu’s SEO Keywords report provides you with inspiration.

The SEO Keywords report can be used in the following ways:

  • Export all of the keyword data in CSV format.
  • Find out how much money a competitor’s total organic clicks are worth.
  • Filter the keyword list to only display relevant keywords.
  • Discover the background of ranking content.
  • Use the information in this report to copy a rival’s approach.

API Access

You may cut through masses of data with the help of SpyFu API to find the precise solutions you require. For complex inquiries, you can provide a few simple parameters and receive results in bulk rather than individually. Working through websites can become cumbersome if you need to make hundreds, thousands, or even millions of searches. Automation using SpyFu API is a safer, more efficient option because one glitch might stop you in your tracks.

Filter Sales Leads

Creating leads can be difficult and time-consuming. With SpyFu, you can find better leads more quickly! Find targeted leads in a niche market by filtering, sorting, and exporting business contacts.

SpyFu Pricing and Plans

SpyFu Pricing and Plans

As previously stated, SpyFu’s Basic package starts at $33 monthly when paid annually (or $39 monthly). SpyFu does not charge based on search results, in contrast to other keywords research and SEO tools like Moz Pro and KWFinder. All plans include limitless data exports and an infinite number of domain, keyword, keyword group, backlink, and competitor/domain comparison search results.

SpyFu is a preferred choice of marketers because of how much functionality you receive for the price, and the infinite search volumes make the tool even more enticing for impromptu keyword research.

Not that SpyFu does not cap anything, though. You will have to pay some extra charge to download some additional reports or access particular metrics.

SpyFu has also announced a Team package with five user logins, 40,000 weekly tracked keyword ranks, and 2,000 sales leads and domain contacts for $199 per month (paid annually, or $299 month-to-month). A 30-day money-back guarantee is also offered with SpyFu. The company also runs year long promotions and special offers that reduce its prices across the board, making it even more appealing to small businesses.

4 Incredible Benefits of Using SpyFu

Incredible Benefits of Using SpyFu

Finding the proper keywords that drive conversions might be challenging, but keyword research is the foundation of every effective SEM approach. Finding high-value keywords is simple with the help of SpyFu. You may use this tool to spy on your rivals, learn what they are up to, and more! You will not again have to worry about running out of high-quality keywords for your campaigns again if you have SpyFu in your toolbox.

It is simple to get lost in the crowd on the internet since it is so huge. There are various ways to market your company online, but choosing the correct keywords for your campaign is one of the most difficult steps. You can locate high-value keywords with the help of SpyFu and help your marketing strategy run as it should.

Here are 4 awesome SpyFu benefits that you must know about:

  1. Keyword Research is The Foundation of SpyFu

You have no idea what terms or phrases your potential customers are using to seek for products and services on the Internet if you do not conduct keyword research. The tool’s free edition provides you with a list of keywords based on a few different factors, but nothing that would aid in your understanding of your target audience. The only way to access more sophisticated tools is to upgrade to one of their premium programmes. This way, you will get access to a range of high performing keywords that are ideal for your website.

  1. Finding Competitor Keywords is Simple With Spyfu

SpyFu is a fantastic tool for monitoring your rivals’ campaigns to see what they are up to. Additionally, it can be used for competitive intelligence. You may get a sense of the competition you will face by using SpyFu to see keywords that your rivals are performing highly for and their estimated average cost per click (eCPC). Additionally, it will tell you how many backlinks each domain has and which domains link to it, indicating whether it is possible to improve your ranks by gaining additional links from reputable sources.

  1. Keep a Tab on Your Competitor Strategy

SpyFu also gives you the opportunity to keep tabs on your rivals and learn what they are up to. You may discover which domains link to them and the keywords they are bidding on. When implementing your own campaign to enhance conversions, this information will be crucial. You can take corrective action in your strategies, or formulate new campaigns on the basis of this data.

  1. Never Run Out of Quality Keywords & Backlink Ideas

SpyFu shows us which keywords are the easiest to rank for and are low-hanging fruit. This is crucial if you are just starting out with online marketing and do not have a lot of resources to devote to an exhaustive campaign. You can also find backlink ideas by doing competitor backlink analysis through this tool. Once you have a complete list of a competitor’s backlinks, find out which ones are the easiest to rank on and get started with your backlinking efforts.

Top SpyFu Alternatives

While there are several advantages of using SpyFu, there are always some downsides with a particular tool. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of this ‘spy’ tool, then try any of the tools from the below list.

  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is a full-featured SEO software that is also a top-notch SpyFu substitute. It is the perfect traditional competitor analysis tool, if you are looking for one.

Serpstat is very user-friendly and offers some of the most precise competition statistics available because of its simple user interface.

Find the pages that are most visible in the niche for your sector, not only by their keyword but also by the distinctive content strategy that sets them apart. To enhance your own SEO approach, identify both the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals. With Serpstat, you can spot keywords that your competitors are losing ground on in the SERPs by continuously monitoring their weaker areas.

  1. AccuRanker

The best SEO tool for precise rank tracking is AccuRanker. It can be the ideal SpyFu substitute for you if you want to concentrate primarily on monitoring and spying on the keyword rankings of your rivals.

AccuRanker makes it simple to locate your main rivals and examine the top performing content on their websites. You can check your ranks versus those of your competitors by typing the domain name of one of them into the search engine.

It is one of the most comprehensive rank tracker programmes available. Thanks to the regular software updates, AccuRanker stays ahead of most SEO tools in regards to modernisation and keeping up with Google guidelines.

  1. SE Ranking

The all-encompassing SEO tool SE Ranking is simple to use and boasts some top-notch competitor analysis. ‍

SE Ranking can assist you in comprehending the complete scope of your competitors’ search engine optimization approach by analyzing both SEO and PPC operations. Daily ranking updates make sure you are always on top of things and prepared to change your SEO or PPC strategy if necessary.

  1. SEO Powersuite

Because of its capabilities regarding competitor analysis, desktop-based SEO PowerSuite is another favorite tool of marketers. It has some of the greatest competitor analysis features on the market for thoroughly examining competitor SEO strategy in order to inform you of their upcoming initiatives. SEO PowerSuite gives the customer a complete 360-degree view of competitors’ SEO techniques by including a competitive keyword checker, rank tracker, and backlink analysis.

With the support of up to 50+ link quality factors, this in-depth backlink research tool lets you evaluate five rival domains side by side, assisting you in learning how to create quality links. It also helps in comparing several other ranking factors which may be of extreme importance to your business.

  1. iSpionage

If you want to get a thorough picture of the entire user experience from the first click through conversion on rival pages, iSpionage is a superb SpyFu substitute.

Its algorithm, which is primarily a PPC comparison tool, searches for strong indicators of campaign profitability and informs you of which keywords and ads are supporting and which are impeding your competitors’ strategies. In order to fully understand the state of competition for every keyword, iSpionage is also helpful for SEO competitor research.

A simple dashboard also lays out important metrics and analytics, such as traffic volumes, page performance, ranking trends, and traffic value, that provide a wealth of information about the SEO tactics employed by competing websites. Using it, you can easily rank well on several competitor keywords and increase your website traffic.

SpyFu Pros & Cons

SpyFu Pros & Cons

Here are a few SpyFu Pros and Cons that you must know about before you begin utilizing the tool. It will help you make a wise decision and prepare you for any surprises that you may receive if you start using SpyFu.


Facilitates Domain Search

SpyFu’s most crucial benefit is that it facilitates Domain Search. With SpyFu, you can search for domains of any type and view any ad version, organic rankings over the past few years, and the keywords that you have spent money on AdWords. Additionally, you have the ability to interact with the domains and learn about offline and online lead generation techniques.

Provides Monitoring Tools

Having access to a variety of monitoring tools to support you in maintaining your internet marketing strategy is another advantage of using the SpyFu tool. You may track paid ads and SEO ranks on search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, with the help of this software. Additionally, keyword search testing is no longer necessary. The application provides organizations and digital marketers with a vast array of keyword management tools and information for running PPC, SEO, and keyword campaigns successfully.

Trusted Contact Details

Who would not want to obtain trustworthy contact details from their clients? Utilizing SpyFu will assist your company in forming partnerships and generating high-caliber sales leads. Moreover, the software’s advanced technology helps turn Adwords and Google search data into perceptive insights that can aid businesses in creating more effective digital marketing campaigns.

Provide Insightful Suggestions

Utilizing SpyFu gives you the added benefit of intelligent recommendations that drive traffic to your business’s Adwords or SEO campaigns. It improves the efficacy of marketing. Additionally, the software will immediately delete any undesirable keywords it finds. The best keyword selections are also made available to the user through the tool.


PPC Reporting Errors

The drawback of this software is that it occasionally reports PPC data that is inaccurate, especially for competitors. Simply put, this means that if you are not using the software’s premium version, it will only give you a limited amount of information. This software is not as accurate as others in terms of metrics, you could say.

Little Expensive

Believe it or not, SpyFu is somewhat pricey when you compare it with other tools in the market. The product has, nevertheless, demonstrated its worth in terms of ROI through improved SERP positioning and lead creation. Therefore, it is worth spending the money on for your marketing strategy.

More Manual Search is Required

You have to conduct extra manual research if you use SpyFu, or else the competition results you obtain will have nothing to do with the main domain. You will encounter some absolutely unrelated keywords. To obtain authentic and precise data, a manual search is necessary. While this may sound simple, it is a tedious process that takes a lot of time. It sometimes makes you think whether it is worthwhile to utilize a paid tool.

No Worldwide Web Coverage

The fact that SpyFu’s crawler does not have worldwide web coverage is another disadvantage of using it. The database includes the keywords for particular domains. Additionally, for inexperienced users, the outcomes may seem rather untrustworthy. The trick is to read the instructions given you the website properly before you start using SpyFu.

Is SpyFu Right For Your Organization?

Keyword research and competitor analysis are the two main features that SpyFu offers. SpyFu ought to be at the top of your list if you are looking for a tool that can give you either of these.

It is cost-effective, especially if you choose a basic plan, which makes it the ideal SEO tool for newbies who want to be sure they understand the data and approach before investing a lot of money in SEO as well as businesses with limited marketing resources. However, SpyFu stands out from its rivals in many ways than just the affordable pricing. If you are committed to monitoring your competitors’ online presence and surpassing them in the rankings, SpyFu is an investment worth making because it is difficult to find competition data on the same level from any other tool.

Although SpyFu competes with some very major companies in the SEO tool market, it is more than capable of holding its own category. Its broad competition analysis tools and intelligence are priceless, and compared to many alternatives, it is significantly less expensive. In fact, the basic package is among the most affordable options available.

SEMrush, AHRefs, and Moz are some of SpyFu’s main rivals. In contrast to these search engine juggernauts, SpyFu is the best option if:

  • All you need is a tool for competitive and keyword research.
  • You are trying to find a reasonable choice.
  • You do not intend to do in-depth site audits.
  • Understanding rival traffic and rankings is your primary concern.

It would be worthwhile to try an alternative tool, such as SEMrush, if you want an all-purpose SEO tool that provides you with vast and valuable data on your backlink profile, link development, site audits, and rank tracking. The capabilities of SpyFu are constrained in certain areas.


SpyFu provides customers with a wealth of easily consumable data on keywords and competitor information, which can be essential for any SEO strategy. With a reasonable and competitive price, SpyFu also makes sure that their core service offers are included in all subscriptions, so users will not be charged more just to use the tool’s fundamental functions. It is not difficult to understand why SpyFu is a fantastic option for SEO novices when you consider its affordable pricing options and user-friendly interface.

SpyFu makes creating a successful SEO strategy more simpler despite the fact that mastering all the aspects of SEO takes time and practice. The effectiveness of any SEO tool depends on how you use the data it provides, but for those who want to thoroughly research competitor analysis, SpyFu should rapidly become a crucial component of their SEO strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpyFu tool?

You may view the ranking history of any domain using the cloud-based marketing toolkit known as SpyFu. You can quickly view every Google result where the domain has appeared, every Google Ads (previously Adwords) keyword it has purchased, and every ad variation it has ever published with only a few clicks.

What is SpyFu good for?

For small businesses on a budget who want to boost their performance in online search, SpyFu is a great keyword research and competition intelligence tool. The main advantages of SpyFu are:
● Knowing more about the strategies your rivals are using for online marketing
● Locating valuable keywords for use in your paid and organic search campaigns
● Finding competitor backlinks and other key data
● Historical reports to analyze industry trends
While other search engines provide a comparable range of features, SpyFu is one of the few that focuses specifically on this. As a result, it may provide the aforementioned advantages at a significantly lower cost than competing products like SEMrush.

Why should I use SpyFu SEO tool?

SpyFu has been active in the SEO industry virtually from the start. This indicates that the platform has a developed collection of tools supported by data spanning more than a decade. SpyFu’s collection of SEO tools can give you a lot of the information you require, whether you are attempting to draw attention to your blog, improve your organic ranking in Google, or you simply want to know what your competitors are doing.

What are all the tools I can use in place of SpyFu?

SpyFu is one of the best competitor analysis tools, but there are also other excellent SEO tools that are sometimes more efficient and precise, and can even come with lower prices.
It can be challenging to select just one tool for competition analysis, but thankfully, we have done the research and compiled a list of the best 10 SpyFu alternatives for you to consider.
Here are the 10 Best SpyFu Alternatives to Try:
1. Serpstat
2. AccuRanker
3. Semrush
4. SE Ranking
5. SEO Powersuite
6. Mangools Site Profiler
7. iSpionage
8. Ahrefs
9. KeywordSpy
Moz Pro


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