Surfer SEO Vs Frase: Which Delivers Better Results?

Explore the ultimate showdown between Surfer SEO and Frase to determine which tool excels in content optimization and boosts your search rankings.

Navigating the complex landscape of digital marketing requires the perfect SEO tool, and the quest for it is relentless. Imagine harnessing the power of Surfer SEO or Frase to propel your content to the top of search engine rankings. Both tools promise enhanced visibility and optimized content, but which one truly delivers better results? This isn’t just about numbers and analytics; it’s about transforming your SEO strategy and achieving tangible outcomes. 

Surfer SEO boasts advanced keyword analysis, while Frase excels in AI-driven content creation. Marketers and content creators alike are torn between these two giants. Dive into our in-depth comparison to discover which tool can elevate your SEO game and bring your digital presence to new heights. Are you ready to make an informed decision that could revolutionize your approach to SEO? Let’s explore the battle of Surfer SEO Vs Frase and unveil the ultimate winner.

Surfer SEO Vs Frase

Online marketing service providers leverage advanced tools like Surfer SEO and Frase to enhance their clients’ digital presence. Surfer SEO helps in fine-tuning content with precise keyword analysis, while Frase excels in creating AI-driven, optimized content. Together, these tools enable providers to deliver comprehensive SEO strategies that boost search rankings and drive organic traffic.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool which helps website owners and digital marketers make their content better for search engines. It helps make web pages rank higher and easier to find using search engines.

Surfer SEO looks at different things on a webpage, like how often certain words are used, how long the content is, how it’s organized, and relevance. It then gives suggestions on how to make it better.

It also has tools for editing and checking content, so users can see what their competitors are doing, keep track of how well their keywords are doing, and find ways to make their content better. It has many different features, like:

Content Editor: It looks at the search results for a word and tells you how long your content should be, which words to use, and how to organize your page.

SERP Analyzer: This tool checks the search results for a keyword and gives information on what the top pages are doing well.

Audit: This tool helps you check existing pages to find any problems with the content, how fast the site loads, and the links to other websites.

Content Planner: This tool helps to organize keywords for a specific topic and figure out what people are searching for. It uses language processing to do this.

Keyword Research: This tool helps you to perform keyword research find words and phrases that people often search for on the internet. It’s like other similar tools, but not as strong.

People who write, advertise, or have a website can use it to make sure they are creating important content about the words they want to focus on. It can also help them to find new words that people search for and make their current content and pages better.


  • With KeyClusters, you can control the keywords and get real-time insights from search results, instead of using NLP analysis
  • Surfer’s content editor tells you how to make content better, has an easy-to-use interface, and the traffic light scoring system is very helpful
  • Good customer support and great community
  • The Audit feature is a really helpful tool too. You can easily find any problems in your content and compare it with competitor pages


  • Surfer’s insight has a game-like feature that might make people focus too much on certain parts of SEO, like search intent and readability, at the cost of other important components of SEO
  • Surfer’s software is expensive for new or casual users


Frase has tools to help people create good content that shows up high in search results. It uses AI to help businesses make their content marketing easier by studying the content on the web. It creates useful content that matches what users are looking for and follows search engine rules.

Frase helps users understand what their competitors are doing with their content. This can help identify areas where they can do better. It helps businesses make more website content in an easy way, and it uses data to give helpful suggestions.

In Frase, you can put in a keyword and it will tell you how long your content should be, how many headings to use, and what topics and questions to cover. This tool helps you see what your competitors are doing to rank high on search engine results. Frase possesses:

Content Brief and Outline Builder: The brief and outline feature is really flexible and gives a lot of information, including the People Also Ask search results page, and ideas from sites like Reddit and Quora.

Content Editor: This tool is like Surfer’s content editor, but not as good or helpful as it.

AI Writer and Templates: The AI writer in Frase is really good and you can use it when you can’t think of things to write. It’s not as good as Jasper, but it’s pretty close.


  • You can use standard templates to automate a short document or make your own
  • The AI writing assistant is simple to use and very good
  • The brief and outline feature is really good. It gives a lot of information about search results and also information from websites like Quora and Reddit
  • The help and support is excellent. Signing up for onboarding is easy and if you have a question, you can usually find lots of answers in the help center


  • Frase mainly focuses on creating content, so it might not have all the advanced SEO tools that Surfer SEO has
  • Although Frase gives good tips for improving content, some people think that it doesn’t have enough ways to customize the content to fit their own needs
  • If you need more than 30 briefs a month, the Basic plan may not be affordable
  • People who don’t know much about AI-powered tools might find it a bit difficult to learn how to use Frase at first

Surfer SEO and Frase – Differences

Surfer SEO tries to make content better and improve how the content shows up in search results. The Content Editor is a great tool to use to make sure you are creating content that is just as good as your competitors.

It is designed to make it simple for people to work together. You can share links to Content Editor queries with ease so that writers can work on them directly. This is a valuable feature if you work with a team of writers or outsource your content creation.

Frase prefers to make very detailed outlines and plans for content, and also uses AI to create content. It works when you need to produce highly technical content and need to use AI to enhance the quality of your content.

While Surfer SEO has a feature that uses AI to generate content, it is not as advanced as Frase’s feature. This means you can make content drafts faster with Frase because the AI content is ready to use.

Surfer SEO and Frase are both tools that help improve content, but they are different from each other. There are important differences that make each of them better for different things.

Surfer SEO Vs Frase – Comparison of Features

  1. Brief or Content Outline

A good outline is important for making great content. It helps you know what to write about. Without a short summary, it’s easy to talk about things that your audience doesn’t care about. Surfer SEO and Frase both look at the top pages that show up when you search for a keyword.

Brief or Content Outline

By looking at the websites that are currently at the top of the search results for a certain word, these tools can give advice on what words or topics to use, how much to write, other questions to answer, and ideas for headings.

With both tools, you can look at the list of pages that are competing and choose which ones to analyze or not. This way, you can delete ones that may not be important or don’t have a lot of information on them.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO has a content editor with three tabs: Guidelines, Outline, and Brief. The Guidelines section tells you how long your writing should be, how many paragraphs to use, how to use headings and images, and which keywords to include and how often to use them.

surfer seo outline builder

The Outline tab has the Outline Builder with AI-made headings and content that can be used in your writing if you like. It also gives some ideas for topics and questions you could talk about. In the Brief tab, you can write extra notes for the writer and see a list of other pages that are similar to the main keyword.


When it comes to making a good brief, Frase is the best choice. You can choose which parts to include in your brief. You can add:

  • Headers
  • People Also Ask
  • Content ideas
  • Guidelines for writing
  • Topic clusters
  • Statistics
  • Questions from Quora and Reddit
frase content brief

This helps you make a detailed brief, which is great for SEO agencies. You can share the briefs as separate documents so writers don’t have to open the editor or sign in to Frase to use them.

  1. Content Editor

Both Frase and Surfer SEO have tools that let you write your content as you go. These tools are very similar because they help you see which keywords to use and how often to use them when writing.

surfer seo content editor

They both give you scores for your content, up to 100. With Surfer SEO, a score of over 70 is seen as good. Frase tells you how well your content is doing compared to other pages by giving you a percentage and average score of the competition.

Surfer SEO

The best thing about Surfer SEO is its content editor. Everything is organized well and you can connect it to Google Docs to make it easier to write your content. It feels good to see all the suggested terms turn green and improve your score in the Surfer SEO editor. However, it can take a long time and I have found that it gives suggestions that are not always helpful.

frase content editor


Frase has less specific keywords and the suggested terms are more general, although still related to the topic. This makes it much easier and faster to add them all, but doesn’t give you the same level of detail as Surfer does.

  1. AI Content Generation

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor also uses AI to help create content. It gives you AI-created titles, headings, and questions with answers that you can add to your writing.

However, we don’t think these are very useful or easy to use. The content isn’t very good and it’s sometimes hard to understand. The best way to use this function is to come up with some general ideas for your content and then write it all yourself.

Surfer SEO can work with Jasper AI to help you make original content quickly without copying from others. However, you have to pay for both tools, which can be expensive.


Frase is really unique because of its AI Writer, which makes it different from Surfer. This can help you create content more quickly. Frase’s AI Writer can do these things:

frase ai writer
  • Suggest titles related to keyword
  • Rewrite content
  • Write down a response to a question
  • Write introduction
  • Write down steps for a blog post on how to do something
  • Turn points into paragraphs
  • Write more paragraphs and sentences to continue the discussion
  • Change the features of a product or service into advantages

These features make it really easy to write blog posts and articles, and they can save you a lot of time. The Frase AI writer works well and you can get good content from it.

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Surfer SEO vs Frase – Other Features

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO gives you access to tools that can help you plan your content strategy and make your existing and new content better. The Audit feature checks your website pages and gives them a score to show you how to make them better. This can help if you own a website with a lot of content already.

Surfer SEO has tools like Content Planner to find good keywords and plan content. These tools help you look more closely at a specific or main keyword, which is useful if you are new to making a website or content plan.

surfer seo audit tool

Finally, it has the SERP analyzer to analyze search engine results. This helps you see what your competitors are doing and what kind of content you need to make in order to rank high for a certain keyword. Let us look at them in detail.

SEO Audit

The SEO Audit tool helps to analyze and improve the on-page SEO factors of websites. It gives people a lot of information about how their website is doing in search results. It also gives them advice on how to make their website appear higher in the search results and get more traffic.

The tool looks at different parts of a webpage like the words used, how the content is organized, meta tags, headings, and links within the page. It also checks how fast the page loads, if it works well on mobile devices, and if the website is set up properly to make sure it works as best as it can.

SEO Audit makes it easy to see what needs to be fixed on a website and helps users focus on making it better. By fixing the problems found in the website, businesses can make it easier for people to find their website in search engines. This will help them get more visitors and improve their online presence.

Content Planner

The Content Planner helps users create good content that is easy for search engines to find. It uses advanced algorithms and insights to make outlines for articles that are just right for certain subjects or words. It is easy to use and gives helpful suggestions.

Users can type in words or topics they want to write about, and the Content Planner will give them suggestions on how to organize their writing, including headings, subheadings, and keywords. Also, it helps people understand what their audience wants and how their content compares to their competitors.

This can help them create content that is more appealing to their audience and stand out from their competition. It helps people make better content that does well on search engines and brings more visitors to their websites. The Content Planner is a helpful tool for people who make content and advertise online. It helps them come up with new ideas and improve their existing content.

SERP Analyzer

The SERP Analyzer is a helpful tool that checks search engine results and gives tips for making websites better for search engines. It helps people see why websites appear higher in search results and find ways to make their own websites better. It also helps you check out your competition and find good keywords.

The SERP Analyzer gives information about keywords, content length, backlinks, domain authority, and SERP features like featured snippets and knowledge panels. People can see how well their website is doing compared to their competitors’ and learn about how their ranking is changing over time.

The tool gives practical suggestions for making content better and getting your website seen more in search engine results. It helps people create better SEO plans and get more people to visit their websites by using an easy-to-use interface and analyzing data and is a helpful tool for SEO experts and digital marketers.


In addition to its AI writing features, Frase also has some SEO tools. It includes the Outline Builder, Wikipedia Concept Map, GSC Analytics tool, and Topic Planner. The Outline Builder helps find words related to a keyword and questions people ask on Google.

frase other tools

You can choose some questions and Frase will use them to make an outline for your content in its content editor. The GSC Analytics feature helps you connect Frase to Google Search Console. With Frase, you can monitor how well your website is doing and see how it’s growing.

The Wikipedia Concept Map helps you make a map that shows how a main idea in Wikipedia is connected to other related ideas. The Topic Planner helps you find longer and more specific keywords related to a main keyword. Let us look at each of them in detail.

GSC Analytics

GSC Analytics is part of the Frase platform and works with Google Search Console to give helpful information about how a website is doing and how to improve its search engine rankings. GSC Analytics lets users see how well their keywords are ranking on Google, along with click-through rates, impressions, and organic traffic trends.

This integration helps people keep an eye on important SEO metrics and see how well their website’s pages are doing in search engine results over time. Furthermore, Frase GSC Analytics gives helpful suggestions to make content better using GSC data.

It helps users find ways to improve their website’s ranking, get more traffic from search engines, and make their website more visible. GSC Analytics helps people make smart decisions and use data to improve their SEO strategies for their digital marketing.

Wikipedia Concept Map

The Wikipedia Concept Map is a special tool in the Frase platform. It uses Wikipedia’s big collection of information to make helpful concept maps about topics or words you choose. It helps people make better content by giving them easy-to-use tools and helpful information.

The Concept Map uses Wikipedia articles and how they are connected to show users a map of important ideas, things, and how they are related to the topic they are interested in. This map lets people look at related ideas and find helpful information to help with their research and content creation.

Also, the Wikipedia Concept Map helps people find subtopics that are related, understand how concepts are connected, and discover gaps in the content or chances to explore more. It helps you write interesting and accurate content that your audience will like.

Topic Planner

The Topic Planner is a helpful tool in the Frase platform that helps people plan and organize their content strategy. It uses advanced technology to help users find out what topics are popular and what words people are using to search for them in their industry.

Users can type in words they want to write about, and the Topic Planner will give them useful ideas for creating and improving their content. In addition, it helps users understand what their audience wants, how relevant their content is, and how they stack up against their competition.

This can help users create content that connects with their audience and brings more people to their websites without paying for it. The Topic Planner helps people to beat their competition, make interesting content, and reach their content marketing goals easily because it’s simple and gives helpful advice.

Surfer SEO Vs Frase – Pricing

Surfer SEO

surfer seo pricing
  • Basic: $59/ month or $49/ month if you pay annually
  • Pro: $119/ month or $99/ month if you pay annually
  • Business: $239/ month or $199/ month if you pay annually

Each plan has a set number of Content Editor queries and Audits that you can do each month. This way, you can pick a plan that fits your content needs. You can use Surfer SEO to its full potential with any plan because it includes the SERP Analyzer and Content Planner.


frase pricing
  • Basic: $44.99/ month or $39.99/ month if you pay annually
  • Team: $114.99/ month or $99.99/ month if you pay annually
  • Enterprise: Personalized pricing plan

To use Frase’s AI Writer whenever you want, you need to add the SEO feature to your subscription. This is an additional $35 every month. All plans come with automatic creation of short summaries, content scores, access to a content editor, and personalized templates.

Surfer SEO Vs Frase – Customer Support

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO has strong customer support through email, live chat, and a knowledge base. Their support team is really good at helping people quickly when they have any questions or problems. They want to make sure you have a good experience using their tools.

Surfer SEO gives detailed instructions and lessons to help people use all the platform’s features. If you have any questions about Surfer SEO’s tools or need help with your SEO plans, their customer support team is ready to help you right away.


Frase has good customer service through email and live chat. Their support team is quick to help and they respond to user questions and problems right away. Frase provides lots of helpful information and training to help users get the most out of the platform.

If you need help with technical problems, using certain features, or figuring out a content plan, Frase’s customer support team is there to help you quickly and effectively. Frase wants to make sure users have a good experience by giving them lots of help and support in their content marketing.

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Surfer SEO Vs Frase – Third-Party Tools Integration

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO works with third-party tools to make it easier for users to optimize their work. People can link Surfer SEO with common tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and content management systems like WordPress.

These integrations let users get more information, keep an eye on how well their website is doing, and easily include Surfer SEO’s tips into their current tasks. Surfer SEO works with other tools to help users make their SEO strategies better. This can improve website visibility and bring more people to the site.


Frase works well with other tools and platforms to make things easier for users and give them more features. Users can connect Frase with tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and WordPress. It lets users get more information, keep an eye on how well their website is doing, and use Frase’s advice in their current work processes.

Frase works with other tools to help users research and create content more easily, make their content better for search engines, and improve their overall marketing. This integration ability makes Frase more flexible and helps users use a lot of different resources to reach their content marketing goals.

Surfer SEO Vs Frase – Which One to Choose?

Surfer SEO and Frase have helpful tools and features to help you make really good content. However, the one you pick depends on what you need because they are good at different things.

Frase is really good at making detailed briefs and using AI to help write drafts. It helps you start your content well. You can quickly see what your competitors are doing and easily make content plans. You can use its AI writer and content editor to help you write your article quickly.

If you lead a team of writers or work with a lot of content, you will find Frase very useful. It helps you create and manage content easily and also gives you some useful tools for improving your search engine ranking.

Surfer SEO is a good choice if you want a tool that can help you improve and plan your website content all in one place. It helps you learn more about SEO and make your new and old content better.

Surfer SEO is best for people who have websites and want to create or improve a lot of content. To make it simpler, if you want a more detailed SEO analysis, then Surfer SEO is likely the better tool for you. However, if you want to make your content creation faster and better, Frase is the best choice.

Wrapping Up

Both Surfer SEO and Frase provide helpful AI-powered tools to improve content and search engine rankings. Surfer SEO is really good at checking your website and giving you helpful advice on how to make it better for search engines. This can help your website show up higher in search results.

Frase focuses on researching and creating content. They have useful tools to create content that matches what people are looking for and meets search engine rules. Whether you choose Surfer SEO or Frase depends on what you need and want to achieve. 

Users who want to improve their website’s SEO may like Surfer SEO, while those who focus on creating content might choose Frase. But, both Surfer SEO and Frase help businesses improve their content marketing, show up more online, and bring in more visitors, no matter which platform they use.


Which platform is better for small businesses and individual users: Surfer SEO or Frase?

Both Surfer SEO and Frase provide services that are customized for small businesses and individual users. Surfer SEO is good for looking carefully at on-page SEO, while Frase is better for content creation.

Can Surfer SEO and Frase work with third-party tools and platforms?

Both Surfer SEO and Frase can work with other tools like content management systems, analytics platforms, and keyword research tools. These combinations make it easier to use and help people work more efficiently.

How do Surfer SEO and Frase compare when it comes to helping customers and providing training?

Both Surfer SEO and Frase offer help to customers via email, live chat, and online resources. They also provide training materials like tutorials, webinars, and documents to help users get the most out of their platforms and answer any questions or problems they may have.

How does Surfer SEO and Frase optimize content for different languages and areas?

Surfer SEO and Frase help improve content for different languages and places. They give tools to study words used, what users want, and what other businesses are doing in different languages and places.

Can Surfer SEO and Frase work together?

Yes, you can use Surfer SEO and Frase together to make your content better. For instance, companies can use Surfer SEO to analyze and improve things on their website for search engines, and use Frase to research and create content. Combining both platforms can help improve SEO and make the content more effective.


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