If you’re looking to make a big impact, Put all of your effort into an enterprise, to experience something to its fullest, to be extravagant.

Go Big. Get To Work. Grow. Give Back.

I have always been a technology buff. Everything related to technology excites me. Google was still a miracle wand, and optimizing websites to appear at the top of searches was a new and exciting idea. This is what motivated me to begin my company in 2002.


CEO, PageTraffic



Nothing illustrates the race to the top more categorically than the search engine industry. I have worked hard to remain at the forefront for more than twenty years now

I obtained my MBA a couple of years after Google was established, and began experimenting with SEO. I was inspired to create something novel and exciting, and PageTraffic was born.

Search engine industry at the time was far from being a well-organized and well-informed behemoth. There was a great desire to learn, device-specific strategies, and adjust to rapidly changing algorithms. All this coupled with my hard work resulted in us completing 12,000 campaigns and having offices in more than 7 countries


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When I started out, it was difficult but rewarding. Working tirelessly with an eye on the future reward has been worth every minute of hard work! Now PageTraffic is one-of -a kind SEO Company that can generate organic traffic for any client looking to rank higher in Google’s search results pages (SERPs).

It’s thanks in part to my dedication to client satisfaction that I’ve been so successful. I always prioritised my clients, and I continually sought out methods to assist them in expanding their businesses. PageTraffic is now a leading SEO and digital marketing firm with offices across the world as a result of my work.

But I See A Touch Of Irony In My Story

I started my business with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism, but it didn’t take long for reality to set in. Despite my best efforts, my business just wasn’t taking off. I started to feel discouraged and began to wonder if I had made a mistake.

But then I reminded myself of something my professors always used to say: “Go big or go home.” I was taught that if you want to be successful, you have to take risks and put everything you have into your venture. And that’s what I decided to do and rest as they say is history.

It’s Time For A Timeline

1999 – 2005


I founded my first company in 1999, while I was still doing my MBA, and made my first million within the next three years. I then went on to launch PageTraffic in 2002 and moved to a small office after hiring 2 employees and a room for more employees. In less than 2 years of PageTraffic launch head count moved to 35+ employees and we thereafter moved to a bigger office in Okhla, New Delhi.

2006 – 2008


While being busy with PageTraffic, I also launched India’s first SEO blog www.unofficialseoblog.com. The business grew by 20% immediately thereafter. We expand further & move to a new location with better facilities, conference rooms, recreational space & project management areas. I opened another office in the New Delhi region and the headcount moved to 80.

2009 – 2011


PageTraffic was ranked as India’s Top SEO And Link Building Company by TopSEOs. My blog crosses 2500 daily subscribers and was ranked amongst top 150 Marketing Blogs by Advertising Age. We also added new 120 seater office spread over 6000 sq-ft and two floors. Bigger cafe and conference cum training room. I also opened another office in Chicago. PageTraffic Wins Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award.

2012 – 2014


PageTraffic is named one of the top five SEO Companies of 2011 by PromotionWorld.com. PageTraffic Ranked among Top 50 Search Marketing Agencies by Website Magazine. PageTraffic also completes 10 years. I also hosted SEO 2014 Master Class with DMAi and Social Media for SEO. We also got featured on Zee Business News Channel.

2015 – 2017


We won numerous awards for quality work for our client campaigns. I won the Entrepreneur India Awards For ´Micro Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 and we crossed 6000+ clients.

2018 – 2021


Our winning streak continues and so is the list of clients. PageTraffic wins National Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement. We also opened one more branch in New Delhi. We crossed 8500 clients. We now employ 120+ web experts with offices in 7 locations. We crossed 10,000 clients!

2022 – TODAY


I have served over 10,000 clients across 36 countries. We have our offices in 7 locations across 3 countries. Our headcount moved to 120+ employees.


Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal is a successful entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur Magazine. Over the course of his 20-year career as an online marketing guru for global brands such Intuit, Last Minute, TATA, HCL, Raymonds and many more, he’s helped generate more than $20 million dollars in revenue with campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin among others!

Navneet has been in the digital marketing game for quite some time now. He runs Asia’s most trusted search engine optimization agency and helps entrepreneurs maximize their profits online through his company PageTraffic, which he started way back when 1% of internet users were using Google each month!

Under his guidance, PageTraffic has become one of the most respected and successful SEO companies in the world. With a team of highly skilled professionals, he offer customized solutions that help businesses achieve their online marketing goals. Whether you are looking to improve your website’s rank in search engines or increase traffic to your site, he can help. Contact him today for a free consultation!