12 Simple and Practical Strategies to Boost your WordPress SEO

templatetoaster WordPress is SEO-friendly and no wonder over 25% websites run on this platform (most popular sites include Wired, Time, Lifehack among others).

If you are a WordPress website owner, we know it is important to you that your site ranks among the best in the search engines. Not just Google, but even in other search engines.

Reasons for this are obvious.

You want visibility to keep people informed about your organization, sell products and services or promote your business. Your site ranking at the top of the search engines means you can pull traffic your way and in turn build a loyal tribe (customers) that follows you.

To reach there, you must have a strategy. There are a lot of ways you can pull traffic towards your WordPress site, but SEO is one of the well known and most effective of all. The knowledge you will get from this article can be helpful without necessarily having an in-depth knowledge of SEO.

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Navneet Kaushal

CEO at PageTraffic, India's leading digital search marketing company.

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