“User Not Found” Error on Instagram – What You Need to Know

Discover why you're encountering the 'User Not Found' error on Instagram. Learn the common reasons behind this issue and how to troubleshoot it effectively.

Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram profile and seen an error message that says ‘User not found’ on your screen? This means that the user you are trying to find on Instagram does not exist. You may have tried to find someone’s profile by searching for their username or tried to send them a direct message but were unable to connect with them.

This might have happened for many different reasons. Please understand that receiving User Not Found Error on Instagram does not mean that you have been blocked. If you are confused about why you saw an error in the beginning, we are here to explain it to you.

Instagram User Not Found


There are several main reasons why you may see the error message “user not found” on Instagram:

  • The person using a certain account decided to modify their name
  • You can no longer contact the user who blocked you
  • The person has deleted their account forever
  • The person has turned off their account for now
  • The user cannot access their account at the moment
  • There was a mistake made when typing the username
  • Old Instagram version

What Does It Mean When Instagram Says “User Not Found”?

If you’ve been encountering a “User Not Found” error on Instagram and can’t seem to find a solution, consider hiring online marketing services for assistance.

If you can’t find a user on Instagram, it can mean different things depending on the situation. Here, we have provided a list of all the different situations that may occur, so you can easily understand how they apply to your situation.

  1. Couldn’t Find the User on Instagram, But Their Profile Picture Is Still Visible

This should happen when you look at the profile of a user that has been recently disabled or suspended. However, if you go back to the same profile after a few days, you will not see the person’s profile picture, and you will receive an error message saying that the user cannot be found on Instagram.

  1. Couldn’t Find the User on Instagram, But You Are Able to View the Posts

This happens because of a mistake on Instagram’s part when the other person blocks you.However, if you simply close and reopen your Instagram app, the glitch will fix itself within a short period of time.

  1. Couldn’t Find the User on Instagram, But You Are Able to Send Them a Direct Message

You can send a direct message to the person, but they won’t get the messages. Also, the user’s messages will not be visible even if their account is discovered in the future. So, don’t waste time sending private messages because it’s pointless.

  1. Couldn’t Find the User on Instagram, But You Can Still See Their Bio

This happened because of a technical problem that should be fixed soon. If someone has a bio, it doesn’t mean they are friends with you.

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Why Do I Get the Error Saying “Instagram User Not Found”?

There are seven main reasons why this might have occurred. Look at each one below and figure out why you are seeing the “User Not Found” Instagram error.

  1. The User Decided to Use a Different Username

This is a frequent reason why you might see an error message saying “user not found” on Instagram. Instagram lets users change their usernames whenever they want, as long as the username is not already taken by someone else. If you search for someone using their old username, it may seem like the profile you are looking for is no longer available. Here is how you can know for sure that they have changed their username:

  • You can just search for them on their social media accounts and see if they have recently changed their profile information
  • You could also find their new username by looking at the list of followers of your mutual friends
  • When you start chatting with someone, Instagram will immediately show you their latest profile details. But if you see the message “user not found” during this step, it means you have been blocked
  1. The User Has Blocked You

If someone blocks you on Instagram, you won’t be able to see their account. You may find their profile in recent searches, but you will see an error message that says the user cannot be found on Instagram. Before making any decisions, we suggest you double-check everything. Other people can still see the user’s profile. If your friends can see it, they have blocked you.

  1. The User Has Deleted Their Account Permanently

If someone deletes their profile on Instagram, everything they posted and shared, including their comments, will be erased. Additionally, their account will not show up in the lists of followers that other users see. To make sure someone truly deleted their account, the easiest way is to search for their profile using a different account. If you see the “user not found” error on Instagram for a second account, it probably means that the user has permanently deleted their account.

  1. The User Has Disabled Their Account Temporarily

Instagram users sometimes take breaks and try to change their routine. Nowadays, it is very common for people to temporarily pause their profiles. In doing so, their account won’t appear in search results or in the list of people who follow your mutual friends. Please remember that the outcomes, in this situation, are the same as when the user completely removes their account. The only way to be sure about which of the two situations it is, is to wait for the person to reactivate their account.

  1. The User’s Account Has Been Suspended

Instagram Account Suspended

Instagram has more than one billion people who use it every month, and the company wants to make sure everyone behaves well on the platform. It has made a list of rules and guidelines that users need to follow. However, if some users don’t follow the rules, their account might be suspended. Think about whether the person you want to talk to breaks any rules on Instagram. It’s important to know that if your Instagram account gets banned, you can appeal to Instagram to let you have it back.

  1. Typing the Wrong Username

Even though it’s a simple mistake, make sure you type the person’s username correctly in the search bar. Because it is common for people to make these types of mistakes. Check if the username is spelled correctly, or simply enter the name of the user you are searching for. This may help you find the right user more easily.

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  1. Old Version of Instagram

Old Version of Instagram

In the past, some people have had trouble finding users on Instagram because the app was not updated. Also, please understand that this is not a problem that occurs very often, but it may be worth updating your Instagram app. This method has been very helpful for many people.

To Conclude

These are some of the reasons why you might be getting an error saying “Instagram user not found. So, make sure to look at all the reasons why you are getting this error before coming to a conclusion. If there is a technical problem on Instagram’s side, wait till the issue gets resolved and check after some time.


Why am I unable to locate an Instagram user even if I know they haven’t blocked me?

If you are certain that you have not been blocked, it is possible that the user changed their username, deleted their account, or Instagram suspended their account.

How do I know if someone blocked me on Instagram?

The easiest way to find out if someone has blocked you is by looking at their profile from a different account. Instead, if you are confident that the messages that you had previously sent to them have not been erased, you can look at your chat history to find out if the user is still there or not.

Can I send a message to the user who is not found?

Sometimes you can send or answer messages, but you need to know that the messages don’t show up on the other person’s end. Even if someday you are allowed to send messages again, or the user gets their account back, your messages will not be shown.

If I update the application, will it fix the problem of not being able to find a user on Instagram?

Sometimes, if the application you are using is not up to date, it could be the cause of the errors you are experiencing. You can give it a go and see how it works.


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